Cowboy’s Sixshooter Texas Finals

Other states, and the Texas private school leagues, have crowned their champions.  That leaves us with only two games this year- UIL Texas.  Both games will be played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Wednesday December 19.  Division II will kick off at 11:00 AM, Division I at 2:00 PM.


Division II
#1 Strawn vs #3 Follett

Saying that the Strawn Greyhounds are battle tested would be an understatement.  They are the defending Division II champions, and they haven’t had an easy road this year.  Six of the teams they played are in the top fifteen in Texas, and two of them will be facing off for the Division I title.
The Greyhounds have a multi-threat offense.  Follett will have trouble deciding who to key on when Villanueva, Fraga, Hodgkins, Ruiz, and several others are capable of making big plays.  Strawn is strong on the defensive side as well.  No team outside of the top ten has scored more than one touchdown against them.

Follett is the surprise team this year.  Not many people considered the Panthers to be a contender, but they proved us wrong.  Their quiet advancement to the finals has been impressive.
Barber is obviously the stud of the team, but Follett has several other weapons in their arsenal.  All six offensive starters have scored this year.  Barber, Howard, Loya and Stuart tend to stand out, but Rohan and Gregory play vital roles.

There is no doubt that Follett is a quality team, but I feel Strawn is on another level.  The Panthers won’t give up, but Strawn will be more than they can handle.  I’m predicting that the Greyhounds win by 45.


Division I
#1 McLean vs #3 Milford

This one has the potential to be great, but I’m not sure that it will be.
Ta’ron Smith is the first name fans think of when talking about Milford, but he isn’t the only stud on the team.  The Bulldogs are loaded with raw talent.  Ricky Pendleton stepped up big in the semi-final game against Leakey, but he is the only Milford player that did.  The Bulldogs’ lackluster performance last week has me doubting their desire to do what will be needed to compete with McLean.

McLean is Milford’s polar opposite.  The Tigers don’t have as much natural athleticism, but they have something better.  They have Ben Crockett and a group of above average athletes who are driven and willing to work to reach their goals.  The Tigers’ intensity may be more than Milford can handle.

I’m taking McLean by 30, but if Milford shows up hungry for the win, they can make it a battle.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 12/5/18

As usual, it’s Wednesday and I’m just getting this out.  All season, I’ve aimed for Monday, hopes for Tuesday, and actually finished on Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll do better next season.  Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Last week, I was correct on seven of the eight games.  Not bad for a man that can’t tell the difference in a gut feeling and indigestion.  I’m going out on a limb this week and picking the TAPPS games as well.  With my limited knowledge of the private school teams, I’m running the risk of having a terrible percentage.

#1 Strawn vs #4 Oakwood
6:00 PM Thursday at Alvarado

Oakwood has been playing well, and they kept me from going 100% last week.  They defeated Richland Springs 65-55, but appeared winded late in the game.  They’ll have to dig deep to have a chance to win this week because Strawn is on another level.
Most expect this game to be over at halftime.  Personally, I think Strawn wins, probably by the mercy rule, but I’m giving Oakwood a little credit- I think they can take it into the second half.

#3 Follett vs #7 Jayton
6:00 PM Thursday at Amarillo Highland Park

I’ve known Follett was good, but I didn’t realize how good.  Follett’s scores have been deceiving because of Coach Copley’s plan for building a program.  Instead of fortyfiving opponents, he gave younger players game time.  They’ll be depending heavily on Barber, but he won’t be the only player Jayton will need to worry about.
As I said in a previous article, Jayton destroyed my playoff bracket with their domination of Blackwell.  I said I wouldn’t pick against them because of that, but I’m doing it anyway.  I think Jayton will go down swinging, but their season ends here.

#3 Milford vs #17 Leakey
7:30 PM Friday at Burnet

Leakey was hesitant to make the switch to sixman, but this season has them wishing they had done it sooner.  Their 12-1 record is the best in school history.  (They won the 8-man championship in 1975 with an 11-1 record)  Sadly, the clock is about to strike midnight on the Eagles’ Cinderella season.  Coach Williams will have them as ready as he can, but their schedule hasn’t prepared them for a game like this.
Milford is loaded on offense, and has one of the best defensive players I’ve seen in six-man.  Corbin Schrotke seems to feed on contact, and will likely be in on over half of the tackles.
I expect Milford be the victor at the half.

#1 McLean vs #2 Garden City
2:00 PM Saturday at Levelland

I predicted this game long before the season started. Garden City is good, really good, but McLean is in a league of their own.  I think Garden City can make this game go the distance, but I doubt their ability to stop Ben Crockett and company.  McLean wins and earns the right to play for the big trophy.
With snow and ice predicted for this weekend, this game may get rescheduled to Monday at 6:00 PM.

TAPPS Championship games
Instead of saying “limited knowledge of the private school teams”, I should have said “no knowledge of private school teams”.  I’m going to predict the games, but my picks will be purely guesswork.

Division II
#1 Bulverde Bracken vs #3 Huntsville Alpha Omega
11:00 AM Thursday at Waco Midway

Bracken by 45+

Division I
#1 Austin Veritas vs #4 Gainesville Lone Star North
3:00 PM Thursday at Waco Midway

Lone Star North by 10

Division III
#1 Baytown Christian vs #3 Weatherford Christian
7:00 PM Thursday at Waco Midway

Baytown by 45

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 2018 Texas Quarter-finals

I usually give six games that I think will be worth watching, but I’m changing things up a bit. There are only eight public school games this week, and I can’t decide which ones to cut so I’ll mention them all. Private school folks, I haven’t talked about your games because I don’t have enough information about the teams. Maybe the coaches will send me some stats next season.

I have to mention some of last week’s games because UIL division II West was crazy.
Grandfalls-Royalty mounted an epic comeback to defeat Lueders-Avoca in the final seconds of the game. The anguish in the faces of some of the L-A players was heartbreaking, but those boys need to hold their heads up because they left it all on the field.
I said I was beginning to wonder if Jayton would be the team to mess up my division II bracket. I don’t need to wonder anymore. They destroyed it with their huge upset win over Blackwell- forcing me to rethink a few things.

Let’s get into this week’s games. The # is the ranking in their division.

#3 Follett vs #8 Motley County
7:00 PM Thursday, Nov 29 in White Deer

This is a tough game to pick. Motley County has beaten the spreads several times this year- proving what an established program can do for a team. Coaching, hard work, and grit have gotten the Matadors here, but will that be enough to get another win?
Coach Copley hasn’t been at Follett long enough to truly establish his own program, but the Panthers have a rich tradition in six-man.
My gut tells me to pick Motley, but those gut feelings haven’t been working out for me this year. I’m going with the numbers and taking Follett.

#21 Leakey vs #25 Gorman
7:00 PM Friday, Nov 30 in Brady

You can tell by the rankings that this wasn’t the hardest region in Texas, but these teams won the games they needed to win.
Leakey was my dark horse team this year, and they have proven why. The Eagles have done a great job transitioning to six-man, and have only lost one game this year. They have good speed and decent size, and use both to their advantage.
Gorman has had a good season offensively. They are averaging 57 points per game. Their defense isn’t doing as well. The Panthers are allowing an average of 44 points per game. They’ll need to find a way to improve defensively to have a shot of moving on.
I think Leakey wins this one.

#4 Richland Springs vs #7 Oakwood
6:30 PM Friday, Nov 30 in Gatesville

Perennial powerhouse Richland Springs is in the mix once again. The Coyotes aren’t as dominant as they have been in years past, but that doesn’t mean you can count them out. This is a young & hungry team with a strong tradition of winning.
Oakwood is loaded with talent, and they’re riding the momentum of five straight wins. However, their lack of deep playoff experience could be a huge obstacle.
I would like to see Oakwood pull of an upset, because everyone knows I love the underdog, but I don’t see it happening. Richland Springs comes out of this one as the victor.

#1 Strawn vs #2 Iredell
7:00 PM Friday, Nov 30 in Hico

Some people are calling this the “true state game”.
Strawn is the defending division II champion and they’ve had a wickedly tough schedule this season. The only teams able to compete with, or defeat, them are in the division I top five.
Iredell is undefeated, but they haven’t played the same caliber of competition that Strawn has. They will be depending heavily on Whitfield, but it will take a mistake-free team effort to have a chance at victory.
The Dragons will put up a fight, but I think Strawn will be a little more than they can handle.

#5 Jayton vs #13 Grandfalls-Royalty
6:30 PM Friday, Nov 30 in Sterling City

Last week, Grandfalls-Royalty showed the kind of determination a team needs to succeed in tough games. Heart and determination are important, but they’ll only take you so far. The Cowboys will need to avoid mistakes and hold on to the ball if they want a chance to win this week.
Jayton took out my pick to come out of the West, so they took the spot. There really isn’t much else to say on this one because I’m not picking against the Jaybirds.

#4 Milford vs #6 Union Hill
7:30 PM Friday, Nov 30 in Kaufman

The winner of this game will likely play in the championship game. It’s an interesting matchup, and as with any big game, it is drawing a lot of attention. Milford is more athletic and they have an explosive offense. Union Hill is more physical and more disciplined.
Neither team can afford a slow start. They will have to execute well from start to finish. I expect this one to be so close that even one turnover can make the difference. I’ll take Milford in this one.

#1 McLean vs #5 White Deer
6:00 PM Saturday, Dec 1 at Amarillo Highland Park

These teams faced off in district play, with McLean coming out on top 56-18. I expect a similar result this time. Don’t get me wrong, the Bucks are good- but McLean is elite.
I attended the district game thinking White Deer’s speed would give them a chance, but I underestimated the speed of the Tigers. I won’t make the same mistake this time. McLean is big, strong, and fast. Expect them to use everything in their arsenal in an attempt to end this one early.

#2 Balmorhea vs #3 Garden City
6:00 PM Saturday, Dec 1 in Rankin

I have been predicting that Garden City would face McLean in the semi-finals, but now I’m questioning that. The Balmorhea Bears are peaking, while the Bearkats seem to have leveled off.
Garden City won the early season matchup, with Balmorhea, by 21. However, Balmorhea turned the ball over at crucial times. If the Bears can do a better job of controlling the ball, they have a shot.
The Bears may end up being a bracket-buster, but I’m staying with my earlier prediction and saying Garden City moves forward.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter

There have been some welcome surprises in the Texas playoffs.  My division I brackets were destroyed last week, and I love it.  I know that sounds strange, but upsets in round one keeps me on my toes.  It is a great reminder that no matter how much we think we know about the teams, the games are played on the field and anything can happen.  Personally, I don’t mind being wrong.  It means a team stepped up, or I overlooked something.  Either way, I gain knowledge.  With that said, here are six games that I’m guessing will be worth your time.

1. I have to start with Colorado because it’s their championship game.  Stratton-Liberty has been the team to beat all season, and looked to be the clear favorite to win it all.  However, Kit Carson has turned up the heat and is now a three point favorite by our system.  Colorado Preps still has Kit Carson as the underdog, so this one should be fun.

2. When I was looking through the schedules and spreads, this game really jumped out at me- Garden City vs Borden County.  Borden County is a 21 point dog according to Shad’s system, but I don’t see it.  Garden City is my pick to win, but they’ll have to earn it.  I’ll be more conservative and take GC by six.

3. Calvert will once again face Richland Springs in the playoffs.  Richland Springs has won six of the last nine meetings.  RS is a seven point favorite this time.  The underdog lover in me wants to pick Calvert, but the sensible side says not to.  I’m going with the sensible part of me this time, and taking RS by 18.

4. Motley County is a team based around an established program.  Even on down years they are tough.  This week they’ll be a six point favorite over Anton.  I think they can pull it off, but Anton won’t make it easy.  Expect to stay on the edge of your seat if you attend this one.

5. Nueces Canyon is one of the teams that crushed my bracket.  I didn’t expect them to win last week, but they proved me wrong.  This week they play Gorman, and I believe they will use the momentum to carry them into the quarterfinals.  If they do, they’ll make school history by being the first Nueces Canyon team to make the third round.

6. Blackwell vs Jayton intrigues me.  Blackwell has been my favorite to represent division II west at AT&T Stadium since before this season started.  Jayton wasn’t even on my radar, but the Jaybirds have come on strong in the last few weeks.  Jayton is a 15 point underdog, but I’m beginning to wonder if they will be the team to mess up my division II bracket.  I’m sticking with Blackwell to win, but won’t be surprised if I’m wrong.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 11/14/18

I’m late getting this out, but better late than never.  Someday I’ll get done on a Tuesday afternoon.


1. Hay Springs vs Wilcox-Hildreth
7:00 PM Friday November 16
UNK Cope Stadium Kearney, NE

This is the big show in Nebraska.  I never expected either of these teams to be vying for the title, but what do I know?  Both stepped up their game at the right time- proving they are hungry.
The spreads have Hay Springs winning by two, but everyone knows I’m a sucker for the underdogs.  I’ll take Wilcox-Hildreth by 10.


2. Arickaree-Woodlin at Kit Carson
1:00 PM Saturday Nov 17

It’s no surprise that Kit Carson is playing in the Colorado semifinals.  They have been at, or near, the top of our Colorado rankings for most of the season.  Arickaree-Woodlin has been in the mix and seems to be peaking at the right time.  By the numbers, Kit Carson is a 16 point favorite but I think that’s a little conservative.
My pick- Kit Carson by 22.


3. Ropes vs Grady
7:30 PM Thursday Nov 15 at Borden County

Some people will see this as an unimportant game, but I bet you can’t convince these teams of that.  It is playoff time in Texas, and nobody wants their season to end.
To make things more interesting, Ropes’ power rating is only .02 points higher than Grady’s.  That makes Ropes the favorite by 0.  A neutral field playoff game with a zero point spread- how could you ask for a better matchup?
I’m taking Ropes, but I won’t be surprised if this one goes into overtime.


4. Paducah vs Aspermont
7:30 PM Friday Nov 16 at Guthrie

This is another Texas playoff game that could go either way.  Our spreads have Paducah as a two point underdog, but I think they can get the win.  Don’t go to this one if you need to be home early.
My pick- Paducah by 10


5. Walnut Springs vs Kopperl
6:30 PM Thursday Nov 16 at Hico

This is the only Texas UIL Division II game this week that expected to be competitive.  Kopperl is a solid team, and possibly more talented, but Walnut Springs has far more playoff experience.  Our numbers have Walnut Springs winning by 5, but I think they’ll win by more than that.
If you can’t make it to this one, you can listen live at


6. Union Hill vs Coolidge
7:30 PM Friday Nov 16 at Mabank

A huge first round game between top 10 teams in Texas UIL Division I.  #5 Union Hill is a 22 point favorite over #9 Coolidge, but I think it will be closer than that.  Coolidge earned their ranking, so don’t underestimate them.
I believe Union Hill gets the win, but they will have to bring their A game to do it.  Brad Kuza and I will be there to broadcast this one from the sidelines, and Brandi will be working her magic with a camera.  You can listen to the game at

Aquilla Earns Playoff Spot by Defeating Rival

By Garrett Ross


What’s better than a high school football game, a rivalry high school football game.

When Aquilla and Abbott met on Friday the two Hill County schools had no love lost.  The rivalry is considered to be the second biggest at the sixman level, behind Strawn and Gordon.

Aquilla (5-5, 3-1) wasted no time in exerting their dominance over Abbott (4-5, 1-3) and defeated the Panthers for the second year in a row 46-0 in their regular season finale.

Jacob Felan broke loose for his second rushing touchdown of the game with 2:46 remaining in the first quarter. The 41-yard run put the Cougars ahead 28-0.

Aquilla was able to set the tone early in the first quarter, when Zack Winder made a 43-yard house call that put the Cougars up 6-0.

Winder and Felan teamed up to secure the victory with 3:40 left before halftime.

Felan found a hole in the Panthers defense and Winder threw him a 15-yard touchdown pass that put Aquilla ahead 46-0.

The victory ended the season for Abbott, but don’t be surprised if the Panthers get revenge next season.

Aquilla was able to secure a playoff berth as district 10-1A DI runner up behind Blum.

The Cougars will take on Newcastle (7-2, 4-0) in bi-district play on Friday.  The game is scheduled for 7:30 pm in Strawn.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 11/7/18

It’s Championship week in some states, quarter-finals in Colorado and semi-finals in Nebraska.  That’s a great thing for fans, because teams will be playing like it is their last game- because it will be for some.

1. Kansas
Weskan vs Golden Plains
4:00 PM Saturday, Nov 10
Memorial Stadium, Dodge City KS

This is the big dance in Kansas.  Weskan is a one point underdog, but they seem to have been getting better all season.  Golden Plains surprised me by jumping to number one, and that tells me they are hungry.  I’ll take Weskan for the win.
I’m excited to see a Championship game that’s expected to be this close, and when I say “see” I mean it literally.  I’ll be in Dodge City on Saturday.  Bishop Norman will be with me for the broadcast and BrandiLoo and Bookworm will be there taking photos.  You can listen live at

2. Kansas
Pawnee Heights vs Ashland
1:00 PM Saturday, Nov 10
Memorial Stadium, Dodge City KS

Have you ever wondered who would win if the semi-final losers faced off?  Kansas fans don’t have to.  The championship game determines first and second places, this game decides third and fourth.
In their fourth game of the season, Pawnee Heights lost to Ashland 67-21.  They have shown immense improvement since then, and will come in to this game as a seven point favorite.  However, seven points isn’t much and on a neutral field anything can happen- but I’m still picking Pawnee Heights to win.
I will be at this one as well, and we will be broadcasting on the link above.

3. New Mexico
Elida at Animas
1:00 PM Saturday, Nov 10

Home field advantage in a championship game?  That seems odd to me, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of six-man outside of Texas.  Regardless of how it appears to me, Animas has earned it.  They have sat at the top of the New Mexico rankings for most of the season, and it’s likely they’ll finish there.
Elida has come on strong in the last few weeks, but I don’t think they can handle Animas.  The last time these teams met, Animas won by 34.  Elida is a 27 point dog this time, and I believe that will be reasonably accurate.
Rodney Ayers will be there taking photos.

4. Wyoming
Farson-Eden vs Burlington
12:00 PM (MT) Friday, Nov 9
War Memorial Stadium Laramie, WY

Burlington was number one in Wyoming for a while this year, then Farson-Eden took over.  They had an epic battle four weeks ago, and Farson came out on top 47-41. In fact, Burlington is the only team that has tested the Pronghorns.
There is a lot more on the line this week- it’s the state title game. Farson-Eden is a 22 point favorite, but they won’t take Burlington lightly.
I spoke with a member of Farson-Eden’s coaching staff, and he had this to say “Burlington is a good team when they are healthy- and they are healthy now.  They aren’t very deep, but they have two kids that are legit and three or four more that can play ball.  When we take care of the ball, great things happen.  We are physical and fast, but we turned the ball over four times the last time we played Burlington.  We can’t afford to make mistakes like that this time.”
I think our spread will be close on this game, and Farson-Eden will go home with the championship trophy.

5. Nebraska
Minatare at Hay Springs
5:00 PM Friday, Nov 9

It’s semi-final week in Nebraska.  Both games look to be great, but we’re predicting this one to be the better of the two.  Minatare’s only loss of the season was a 39-0 trouncing by Hay Springs.  Minatare has improved since then, and this time they are only four point underdogs.  I think they can beat the spread and earn a ticket to the big dance.

6. Colorado
Prairie at Arickaree-Woodlin
1:00 PM Saturday, Nov 10

Prairie is 7-3 for the season, but those losses came against teams that are still in it.  Two of the losses were reasonably close games.  The other was a humbling loss to Stratton-Liberty.
Arickaree-Woodlin is 7-2, and one of those was a loss, with a similar score, to Stratton.  Their other loss was also to a team still in the mix.
Our spreads have Arickaree by thirteen, and I believe they will win, but I’m expecting a closer game than that.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 10/31/18

Here are six games that I would love to see.  Unfortunately, I can only pick one- if you attend one of the others, I would love to hear your thoughts.

1. Alabama
Victory Christian vs Chilton Christian
7:00 PM Friday Nov, 2 at Clay County Christian

We expect Victory Christian to win by 45 or more- for good reason.  Not only are they are undefeated, they haven’t allowed a single point all season.  Yes, you read that right.  Victory has lived up to their name. Their closest game was a 46-0 win.  They defeated Chilton Christian 55-0 early in the season.
With that said, you’re probably wondering why I’ve included this one.  I have three words to explain it- State Championship Game.
If you can’t attend, you can listen to Shad’s live broadcast at
C.J. Kline will be doing interviews and video clips while Bookworm Photography (Rena Parks) will complete our coverage.

2. Kansas
Pawnee Heights at Weskan
3:00 PM Friday Nov, 2

This is a semifinal game with a 10 point spread.  Weskan is favored to win, and they have home field advantage- but the last time they faced Pawnee Heights, they lost.  It was a close game, 39-37, and I expect this one to be similar.  I’m going against the spreads on this one and picking Pawnee Heights.

3. Texas
Milford at Coolidge
7:30 PM Friday Nov, 2

This a huge game. Both are top 10 teams in Division I, and this game will determine first and second place in district.  Milford is a 23 point favorite, but don’t let that turn you away from this game.  Coolidge has the ability to keep it closer than that- and possibly win if they can capitalize on any Milford mistakes.
I think Milford wins it, but it should be a fun game.
Jenson Gainer will be broadcasting this one on
I will be doing video clips, and BrandiLoo will provide us with great photos.

4. Nebraska
Harvard at Cody-Kilgore
2:00 PM Friday Nov, 2

Cody-Kilgore kept their Hope’s alive with an upset victory last week.  Unfortunately for them, they will face Nebraska’s #2 team this week.  Harvard has been in the top five most of the season, and I don’t see them losing this week.  Cody-Kilgore is a 23 point dog, but I think they’ll put up a tough fight and may keep it closer than that.

5. New Mexico
Carrizozo at Elida
1:00 PM Saturday Nov, 3

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a semifinal game with a four point spread- until now. Carrizozo is the favorite, but I don’t believe that can pull it off. I expect Elida to use the home-town support as motivation to win.
Rodney Ayers will be at this one taking photos for us.

6. Texas
May at Gorman
7:30 PM Friday Nov, 2

This one should determine first and second places in Division 1 District 14. May was doing well earlier in the season, but it looks like they peaked too soon. Gorman has been a solid upper mid-level team all year. Our spreads have Gorman by 1, but I think they get a much more decisive victory.

Kade Scott Record Night Ends In Pawnee Heights Victory

By Garrett Ross


Rozel- Cheylin sophomore Colton McCarty had a historic night as he lead the way for the Cougars with 12 total touchdowns; however his performance was the second best of the night.

Pawnee Heights senior Kade Scott led the Tigers to a 118-85 victory over Cheylin in the opening round of the playoffs, with 14 total touchdowns and he had two more that were negated by penalties.

When the madness finally came to an end, Scott owned the Kansas State Record for most touchdowns scored in a game, or did he?

The state of Kansas doesn’t consider six-man football a sanctioned sport, so these historic performances will never be acknowledged within the state records.

“Kade shouldn’t be penalized because of the size of school he attends. 11 man, 9 man, 8 man, 6 man, every player wears a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, cleats, and they proudly wear the jersey that says their schools name,” said Pawnee Heights head coach Jeff Chambers. “14 touchdowns by a young man deserves to be recognized.”

“To me, football is football! We are a small community, but it’s like a family here. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

The two teams were tied at 19 when the first quarter ended, but Pawnee Heights would lead the remainder of the game.

During the third quarter Pawnee Heights held a 78-59 lead over Cheylin, and Scott and McCarty were putting on a show. Coach Chambers realized he watching something special at that moment.

“It was in the third quarter that I realized we were watching something that hasn’t happened in a long time,” said Chambers. “Kade is a special young man, and I am honored to coach such an amazing athlete. He’s a young man that just plays the game because he loves the game.”

Scott carried the ball 33 times for 501-yards and 11TD. He was 5-7, 50 1TD through the air and he hauled in 4 receptions for 90-yards and 2TD. He also returned a kickoff for a TD.

On the defensive side of the ball, Scott finished the game with 7-solo tackles and 5-assisted tackles.

McCarty carried the ball 29 times for 252-yards and 7TD. He was 15-36, 226 5TD through the air and added 2-solo tackles and 8-assisted tackles and 1INT on defense.

“Kade has been very special to this team for all 3 years, Colton is just a sophomore and is an amazing young man as well,” said Chambers. “Watching both of them play that game was something that just was, I don’t know if I could describe it.”

“Coach Chris Walden (Cheylin HC) and myself were talking after the game and we both agreed that if those two young men were on a team together, Holy Cow what a team that would be. But the next statement was also true, in that Kansas 6- man football has some great kids on every team and they deserve to be recognized for just that!”

Cowboy’s Sixshooter 10/24/18

Playoffs have started in some states.  In others, teams are still fighting for a playoff spot.  Many games mean far more than just a win, or loss, on a team’s record.  Get out there and cheer for a team.  They need to know their efforts have been noticed- even if they don’t make the playoffs.

1. Kansas
Moscow at Golden Plains
6:00 PM Thursday Oct 25

These teams faced off earlier this year, and Golden Plains came out on top 53-25.  They are 12 point favorites in this rematch, but it’s tough to beat a team twice in the same season.
Moscow has only lost two games, by a total of 17 points, since their loss to Golden Plains- and both of those teams are still in it.  I’m taking Moscow by 8.

Note: Kansas has three playoff rounds. Only six teams make it, and two of those get a bye in round 1.

2. Alabama
Chilton at Conecuh Springs
7:00 PM Friday Oct 26

This is the semi-final round in Alabama, and these teams matchup pretty well.  Chilton lost to Conecuh Springs by four earlier this season, but they have improved.  This time Conecuh Springs is a 17 point underdog. I think Chilton can pull it off, but I expect the score to be a lot closer than that.

3. Texas
White Deer at McLean
7:30 PM Friday Oct 26

McLean has been sitting in the top spot of our national rankings for most of this season.  They have earned a mercy rule win in all but one game.  This team is big, strong, and have some speed.
White Deer is at number seven, and they have plenty of speed.  Their only loss was on a wet field and came at the hands of another highly ranked team.
It’s an interesting matchup.  To win, White Deer will have to find a way to get into open field where their speed has an advantage.  That’s going to be a challenge because McLean’s defense is tough.
Our spreads have McLean winning by 45.  I think that’s likely, but I won’t be surprised if White Deer makes this one last four quarters.

4. Colorado
Fleming at Idalia
7:00 PM Friday Oct 26

We have seen a lot of movement in the Colorado rankings this season because of close games between upper level teams.  This one could create more movement. In our state rankings, Fleming is at number four and Idalia is at six.  Only three points separate them, so it’s anybody’s game.  I’m going with the underdog and picking Idalia to win.

5. Nebraska
Cody-Kilgore at Deshler
3:00 PM Friday Oct 26

This is a first round of the Nebraska playoffs, so it’s a huge game for both teams.  Deshler is a 10 point favorite, but I’ll always be a fan of the underdog.  I don’t know enough about either team to justify my pick, but I’m making it anyway.  My gut says Cody-Kilgore gets the win in a very close game.

6. Texas
Amherst at Whitharral
7:30 PM Friday Oct 26

Sixmania spreads show Whitharral as a zero point favorite.  The actual number is 0.07 points.  Basically, these teams are so closely matched that anything can happen.  Whoever comes up short in this one probably won’t make the playoffs.  I’m going to take Whitharral in barn-burner.