Shad’s – Shootin’ from the hip. Rankings

Shad Kline


There have been a lot of questions about rankings lately.  Namely the question of “how can the team we beat be ranked higher than we are”.  Well, there are a couple of things that can cause that to happen.  I will try to explain the best that I can.

Injuries.  A team may lose power rating points if they have injuries and do not live up to the spread that their previous power rating gave them.  It would only make sense that if you have an injury or injuries that you are not as good without the player as you would be with him.  This is even more true when that player is a key player.  A prime example of this is Borden County and Union Hill.  Borden County beat Union Hill in week 1.  However, Borden County has since suffered several injuries to key players and are not as good without those players as they were in week 1.  Borden County has started dropping rating points and have found themselves with a lower power rating than Union Hill and therefore are ranked lower than Union Hill.  That’s not to say that Borden County can’t move back up when all of their players get healthy, they can and most likely will do just that.

Inconsistency.  Some teams just are not consistent.  They may play very well one week and then follow the next week with a very bad performance.  This is a common occurrence.  It could be that the previous week was a rivalry game and the boys played to the best of their ability.  On the flip side, maybe the starting spread back broke up with his girlfriend and just didn’t play up to his potential for the game.  The team that best fits this description is Aquilla.  I’m not trying to pick on the Cougars here, but we know what they are capable of and they don’t always show it on the field.  It is very hard to find a teams true power rating if they don’t play with any sort of consistency at all.  I fully expect Aquilla to win over Jonesboro this week, however my ranking system has Jonesboro as the 45 point favorite.  This is causede by several reasons, but one of the biggest ones is Aquilla’s inconsistency on the field.

Inaccuracy.  This one is all on me.  I may have very well had a team completely wrong at the beginning of the season.  The system will eventually take care of it, but rating adjustments are capped by the 45 point rule and will not adjust more than that.  I choose to keep it this way so that a team doesn’t get “bonus” points for running the score up, or lose points for putting in their underclassmen when the game is close to the mercy rule.  I make adjustments to power rating during the off season based on information that I get out of DCTF magazine, calling the coaches or info found on message boards.  I have no doubt that I don’t have ALL of the information needed.  I make a guess based on what I have and let the system correct itself.  It always does.  At the end of the year, the state champion in each League and each division is always sitting at the #1 spot in that division.

Incomplete information.  The rating system is a living document.  It will change weekly.  I like to tell people that the games determine the ratings, not the spreads determine the games.  I’ve had people tell me after a game, “We showed you, you were WRONG”.  I usually let them have their fun with it, but in all actuality, it’s not that I was wrong, it’s that I didn’t have all of the information yet.  The score of a game is information that I need in order to get my rankings and rating more accurate.

The X factor.  I will never have my rating numbers 100% accurate.  How boring would that be anyway.  There will always be a team that wins regardless of how much of an underdog the system has them at.  Who knows what drives these kids on any given Friday?  I sure don’t.  If it were a perfect system, then I would get all of the games right.  I haven’t done it yet, (Well, except when there were very few games, such as semifinals week.), and I don’t expect to.  The X factor is just a part of the game and can bring excitement to the field that maybe some weren’t expecting.  Quite honestly, I don’t want to know the X factor, even if I could.  I want there to always be that “What if?” that can happen on any game any time anywhere.  Keep me on my toes and keep me excited to go to a game!

Rankings are not important.  They provide a platform to compare teams, give the local coffee shops and message boards something to argue over, and maybe sometimes can be used by the coach as a motivational tool.  Other than that, try not to read too much into them.  If you get too caught up in the rankings, you may very well be missing out on the best part of being a sixman fan, and that is the action on the field.  Not every player will be a superstar, but almost every player will have their special moment on that field.  Try not to miss it.

Cowboy’s Week 5 Travels

I rarely write about my travels to and from games, but this is a long, eventful, trip. I’ll mention the games, but this is more about the weekend than the games.
We intended to leave home at 9:00 AM on Friday, but I was called in to work. I made it back home at 11:30, and my wife and daughter still weren’t ready. An hour later, we finally got on the road. I had planned to take photos in every six-man town we passed through, but when you’re running three and a half hours behind schedule, that’s not really possible.
Photos, and shout-outs were done in Trent and Hermleigh, but we had to skip Borden County because we didn’t have time. We arrived in O’Donnell less than an hour before game time- just early enough to talk to the coaches for a few minutes.
I fired up my broadcast just before game time- and got a call from Bishop while I was on air. He was in May to broadcast their game with Zephyr, but cell towers were down so he was having a lot of problems. He managed to get the broadcast started, but less than ten minutes later he lost all service and he had to shut it down.
Things went smoothly for my broadcast of the O’Donnell vs Anton game. The Screamin Eagles got sent home early by Anton, but overall they are young and showed potential. On the other hand, Anton played a good game. The Bulldogs look to be capable of making a decent playoff run.
Saturday morning I was reminded why Allsups isn’t the greatest place to eat supper. We hit the road anyway because we had a four hour drive to Dell City. It seems strange, but the fastest way from O’Donnell Texas to Dell City Texas is through New Mexico.
I need to back up a little. My daughter usually drives a 4×4 pickup. Somewhere between Lamesa and Seminole, she straddled a dead hog- but we were in my wife’s car. Needless to say, that wasn’t a wise choice and the smell made it imperative to find an undercarriage wash in Hobbs NM. Luckily, we have friends there and they directed us to a good carwash. After visiting with our friends for a few minutes, we got back on the road.
After a few stops to take senior photos of my daughter, and one for my wife to pee in a concrete teepee, we rounded Guadalupe Peak and turned back North towards Dell City.
Dell City’s field isn’t fancy, but I’ve never seen a prettier background. When looking across the field from the home side, you can see Guadalupe Peak. The excitement of a game, and the peacefulness of the mountains is an interesting combination.
We received a very warm welcome from the home team players and coaches- and they gave me a helmet signed by the team.
Before the game, I interviewed the team captains. After the interview I told them to give me a show. It took them a while to build momentum, but when they did, they used it to earn a mercy rule win.
Places to stay the night are scarce in that area, so we decided on Odessa. Countless oil field vehicles, drill rigs, and four hours of road time after leaving Dell City, we were finally able to rest for the night.
The trip home on Sunday was reasonably calm. We took photos in Garden City, Sterling City, and Robert Lee. After 1217 miles, 56 hours, two football games, photos at five other schools, and senior photos along the way, we made it home safely.
I love weekends like this.

Crowell Gets By Claude

By Garrett Ross


After a promising start to their inaugural sixman campaign, the Claude Mustangs have lost two straight games; Claude (1-2) fell to Crowell (4-1) on the road Friday 36-22.

Crowell relied on the playmaking abilities of senior Michael Reeves to carry them to victory.  Reeves ran for two touchdowns and threw for two touchdowns, while adding an interception on the defensive side of the ball.

“Michael is a gamer, he does a great job for us,” said Crowell head coach Tom McVey.  “He just seems to know when he needs to rush for extra yards or throw the ball.”

The Wildcats held Claude scoreless in the first quarter and they only allowed one Mustang touchdown per quarter for the remainder of the game.

The first two scores of the game came on runs of 14-yards and 1-yard by Reeves, Seth Bearden connected on both PAT attempts.

The Mustangs scored their first touchdown of the game with 7:57 remaining in the second quarter.

Simon Rodriguez would fumble the ball, but his teammate Jakob Weinheimer was able to recover the loose ball for a touchdown; Weinheimer would connect on the PAT.

Crowell was able to get the last score of the first half, when Reeves connected with Russkin Turula on a 22-yard strike with :22 remaining in the second quarter.

Claude would block the Bearden PAT attempt, but they would head into halftime down 22-8.

The Mustangs would close the gap early in the third quarter on a 33-yard touchdown run from Nash Stapp; once again Weinheimer drilled the PAT.

Crowell was able to gather their composure and put together two touchdown drives that extend their lead to 36-16 with 2:55 remaining in the third quarter.

Reeves would hit Colt Gerhardt on a 6-yard touchdown pass and Turula would find the end zone on a 38-yard run.

The Mustangs got the lone touchdown of the fourth quarter, when Weinheimer found Travis Lowry on a 3-yard pass.

Claude will continue their outlaw schedule next week at Higgins (2-3), while Crowell travels to Bryson (2-3) for their final non-district game, both games begin at 7:30pm Friday.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter USA week of 9/28

I’m slowly gaining knowledge about the six-man teams across the nation.  I have done a lot of research and made a lot of calls, but I still have much to learn.  Based on our rankings, and my limited knowledge, here are six games that should be worth watching.
Time got away from me while researching teams so I was only able to list four games this time.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do better next week.


1. Colorado
Prairie at Otis
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

#4 Prairie is a two point favorite over #5 Otis, but that’s on paper.  I have no personal knowledge of either team, so I contacted some people that do.  Ben Blecha, sports director at 105.7 KPMX, believes it will go the other way.  In his words- “Take out Bryce Miracle and Otis is a very different team. Prairie has been developing their team back to the top tier.  The coach at Prairie does a great job with those boys so there is no doubt they’ll have the game plan, but they’ve not shut a good team down this year.  Prairie will have to outscore Otis in a shootout.  I think Otis wins by 2 scores.”
Paul Griese, head coach of Otis, gave me a little more insight.  “Prairie is a power team.  They have two backs in the 200 pound range and a line that is bigger- their center is around 300 pounds.  We are fast and mainly run spread.  We can outrun them, but stopping their power will be a challenge.”
If you like a lot of scoring, this could be the game for you.


2. Wyoming
Meeteetse at Farson-Eden
2:00 PM Friday Sept 28

We have Meeteetse at #1 in Wyoming, and a 15 point favorite. Farson-Eden is #3 and plays at home. coaches poll has Farson-Eden at #1 and Meeteetse at #2.  This game will justify, or correct our Wyoming rankings.  Meeteetse’s coach told me he hopes our prediction is correct, but he feels the game will be much closer and his team will need to play very well to get the win.


3. Kansas
Deerfield at Rolla
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

These teams were playing 8-man last season, and the move to sixman hasn’t been good to them.  Both are winless coming into this game and will be looking forward to breaking that streak.  Deerfield is only a one point underdog, but it’s Rolla’s homecoming and that is something no ranking system can figure in.  This isn’t a high profile game, but it should be extremely competitive.


4. Wyoming
Lingle-Fort Laramie at Midwest
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

Our rankings have Midwest as the predicted winner, but not by much.  Only two points separate these teams. Fortunately for Lingle- Fort Laramie, Midwest will be starting several freshman due to multiple reasons.  It will be interesting to see if these young and inexperienced players are up to the challenge.  The odds are in Lingle- Fort Laramie’s favor, and I expect an upset.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter Texas Week 5

It doesn’t look like this will be a good week for competitive games, but I found a few that should be good for fans that don’t care for mercy rule games.  If you haven’t decided where to go this week, consider one of these.


1. Blanket at Gordon
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

Blanket is having a good season so far. The Tigers are 4-0 coming into this one, and their running back has been a big part of that.
Expectations for Gordon were low this year, but Coach Reed seems to be quickly turning things around.  The Longhorns are 2-2, but their losses were to Iredell and Aquilla.  Gordon is an eight point underdog, but I think playing on their own field will be enough to get the win.


2. Morgan at Bluff Dale
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

Bluff Dale is undefeated, and I don’t see that ending this week.  They have been playing reasonably well and have the potential to improve.
Morgan comes in at 2-2, but both losses were nail-biters.  The Eagles will enter this game as five point underdogs, and I believe that will be pretty close.


3. Milford at Strawn
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

The next step in Strawn’s unbelievable schedule, and a rematch of last season’s Division II East semifinal game.  The spreads have Strawn by 39, but I expect it to be closer than that.  Both teams have high-caliber players and top-notch coaches.  If both teams have all starters healthy, it could be a battle instead of a blowout- but expect Strawn to come out on top either way.


4. Claude at Crowell
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

Crowell is hard for me to predict this year because in their first three games they seem to have played just well enough to get the win.  The loss to Motley County last week may have made them realize that they have to go all-out from start to finish.
The Claude Mustangs are newcomers to six-man, but they’re doing pretty well.  Their only loss of the season came at the hands of Paducah.
The spread on this one is zero, but I think Crowell’s experience will make a 20 point difference.


5. Robert Lee at Highland
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

This isn’t a high profile game, but it should be drawing more attention.  Both teams are consistently above average, and Robert Lee is only a one point favorite.  Normally I would give the advantage to Highland since they play at home, but not this time.


6. Bryson at Knox City
7:30 PM Friday Sept 28

Both of these teams started the season strong but neither has done well in the last couple of weeks.  This should be a fun game to watch because both will be looking to break a losing streak.
Knox City is an 11 point favorite at home. Bryson will put up a fight, but I don’t think they will be able to get a win.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter Recap of USA Games to Consider

1. Wyoming
NSI Academy vs Guernsey-Sunrise

Guernsey-Sunrise beat the spread by 25, moving them to #76 in our national rankings.

2. New Mexico
Springer/Maxwell vs Animas

I thought Springer/Maxwell could beat the 45 point spread in this one, but I was wrong. Animas stays at #1 in New Mexico with a 58-6 win.

3. Nebraska
Arthur County vs Creek Valley

We predicted this game to be a nail-biter, and it didn’t disappoint. Arthur County was picked to win by one. Their 40-35 win was a testament to the system’s accuracy.

4. Colorado
Cheyenne Wells vs Granada

Granada must not have liked our predictions. We had them losing by 10 but they proved us wrong and won by 16.

5. Alabama
Chilton vs Conecuh Springs

The system was almost dead on once again. Conecuh Springs was a two point favorite- and won by four. With a 16-12 final, this would have been a great game for defensively minded fans.

6. Kansas
Ashland vs Pawnee Heights

This one showed me why you should never guess the outcome of a game with no knowledge of the teams. I picked Pawnee Heights by 30. Instead, Ashland dominated with a 67-21 victory.

Young Panthers Outlast Wounded Cowboys

By Garrett Ross


Bryson entered Friday’s game with Abbott as 45-point favorites, however there are some things that analytics can’t predict.  The Cowboys were missing three starters and while everyone loves the next man up mentality, sometimes it just doesn’t work.

The first quarter was a back and forth affair of offensive firepower, but special teams was becoming a daunting factor for Abbott.

Paxton Miller found the end zone twice in the first quarter for Abbott on runs from 8 and 56-yards out, but the Panthers missed both PAT attempts.

The Cowboys tacked on three touchdowns in the first quarter, one of which came on a 47-yard kickoff return by Chase Hearne.  Bryson would convert on all three PAT attempts and held a 21-12 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The defenses stole the show in the second quarter.  Both offenses struggled to put together a sustainable drive and only one team would manage to score.

Kayden Johnson got a great block from Isaac Terrazas, then broke a tackle and scored just inside the right pylon.  Terrazas was able to connect on the PAT attempt, as Abbott made it a 1-point ball game 21-20.

The Panthers would get their first lead of the game with 7:11 remaining in the third quarter, but it wouldn’t last long.

Dillon Orr went on a scoring spree for the Cowboys, scoring three touchdowns before Abbott could find the end zone again.

Triston Stephens connected with Orr on a 4-yard touchdown pass with 5:35 remaining in the third quarter.  Orr would then get loose and out run the Panthers defense on a touchdown runs of 42 and 47-yards.

Bryson held a 39-28 lead over Abbott with 6:53 remaining in the game, but the Panthers had some unfinished business to attend too.

Jax Miller hit Kayden Johnson on a 17-yard touchdown pass with 5:37 left in the game.

Another defensive struggle began between the two teams and there was doubt left in Panther Stadium, that whoever had the ball last would win.

Paxton Miller plowed through the Bryson defense and scored the go-ahead touchdown for Abbott on an 8-yard run with 1:46 to go.

Bryson would begin their march towards the end zone, but costly mistakes would force them into a passing situation on fourthly down and the ball fell incomplete.

The Panthers would gather in the victory formation and when the clock struck zero, it was Abbott who was victorious 40-39.

Both teams are on the road this week, as Bryson (2-2) heads to Knox City and Abbott (2-1) travels to Waco Live Oak.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter USA week of 9/21/18

We are still learning about the teams outside of our home state, so I expect to be wrong on several picks each week.  Our rankings, and my personal picks, will become more accurate as we gather more information.  If you have first hand knowledge of any team I mention here, please tell us.

1. Wyoming
NSI Academy vs Guernsey-Sunrise
3:00 PM Saturday Sept 22 at NSI Academy

Guernsey-Sunrise was picked to win last week, but they fell short.  With two losses and only one win this season, I have to wonder- did we have the Vikings overrated, or has their schedule been that tough?  We should get that answer this week when they face the NSI Academy Wolves.

NSI Academy is 3-0 this season, but their opponents haven’t been as tough as those faced by the Vikings.  NSI is picked to win by 19, but if they can win by 30 or more, they have a chance to move into Wyoming’s top five.

2. New Mexico
Springer/Maxwell vs Animas
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Socorro

Springer/Maxwell looks to be solid. The Red Devils beat the spread last week, but that will be more difficult against Animas.  They come into this one as 45 point underdogs. I’m including this game anyway because of what I’ve been told by someone who knows New Mexico six-man.

Animas is sitting at #1 in New Mexico.  The Panthers are the team to beat but so far no one has been able to do it.  I don’t believe Springer/Maxwell is the team to do it, but I do think they can beat the spread.

3. Nebraska
Arthur County vs Creek Valley
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Creek Valley

According to our spreads, this will be one of the most competitive games this week.  Arthur County is only a one point favorite- but Creek Valley has home field advantage.  It’s also Creek Valley’s homecoming game so they have even more incentive to get the win.
I’m going against the system on this one and picking Creek Valley by 12.

4. Colorado
Cheyenne Wells vs Granada
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Granada

Although I have almost no knowledge of these teams, the spread piques my interest.  Sixmania has Cheyenne Wells picked to win by 10.  Based on their scores against a common opponent, I think that will likely be accurate.  I’ll be looking for film on this game regardless of the outcome.

5. Alabama
Chilton vs Conecuh Springs
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Conecuh Springs

With the exception of #1 Victory Millbrook, the top teams in this league have proven to be extremely competitive.  #2 Conecuh Springs is only a two point favorite over #3 Chilton, so it could easily go either way.  PATs will be critical, and will likely determine the outcome of this one.

6. Kansas
Ashland vs Pawnee Heights
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Ashland

This is another game that I know very little about the teams.  I don’t even have a spread on this one because we don’t have Kansas in the system yet.  I’m not sure why, but while looking through the schedules and scores, this matchup drew my attention.  I’ll take a guess at it and take Pawnee Heights by 30.

Cowboy’s Sixshooter- Texas Week 4

With my six game format, I can’t get every game I want to mention, so I’m doing two this week- one for Texas, and one for the other states.


1. Dell City vs El Paso FAITH
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at El Paso FAITH

I’m a little partial to teams that never seem to give up, and the Dell City Cougars fall into that category.  They aren’t contenders for the title, but they have been competitive.

El Paso FAITH’s only game this season was a mercy rule loss to Grandfalls-Royalty.

Dell City is a one point favorite, but I’m going out on a limb and picking the Cougars by 45.

Coach’s Take
Dell City Head Coach Joey Czubinski
“We played well offensively in our first game and we played well defensively in our second game.  This week we’ll be looking for a complete package.  We only have ten players, so hopefully we don’t get gassed before it’s over.  Faith has a good passing game, so we will have to play well defensively to win.”


2. Crowell vs Motley County
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at Crowell

Both of these teams are traditional powerhouses, but they are also down a little from recent years.  They have faced off more than fifty times, the first time I know of was in 1930, and Crowell has won more than two-thirds of the time.  This year, Crowell is once again the favorite and I believe the seven point spread will be reasonably accurate.

Coach’s Take
Crowell Head Coach Tom McVey
“Games between these teams are always great.  Both teams lay it all on the line every meeting.  It should be an exciting game for fans to watch and for us to participate in!”

Motley County Head Coach Mike Bigham
“We are a young team and this will be a big challenge for us, but we’re looking forward to the journey.”


3. Follett vs Happy
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at Happy

Happy was a top tier team last year, but they lost a lot to graduation.  While still good, they don’t seem to be able to match their former glory.  They have squared off against Follett eleven times since 2000, but they have only won two of those.

Follett is almost always in the conversation when high quality six-man teams are being discussed.  This season they have been exceeding my expectations.  The spreads have them as a four point favorite, but I believe they will get a decisive victory over Happy.


4. Gorman vs Zephyr
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at Gorman

The Gorman Panthers have been reasonably strong since joining the six-man ranks in 2015.  In fact, they earned playoff spots in both 2016 and 2017.

Zephyr is a name most Texas six-man fans know.  A perennial powerhouse, the Bulldogs have been in the playoffs fifteen times in the last 20 years.  They are a six point underdog according to our rankings, but I’m predicting a different outcome.  I think Zephyr wins by 16+.

Coach’s Take
Zephyr Head Coach Brent Williamson
“Each week we have improved on both sides of the ball and we’re hoping to continue that this week.  Gorman is fundamentally sound and has some speed.  Coach Dixon will have a great game plan for us coming in.”

Gorman Head Coach Jeb Dixon
“Zephyr is a perennial power.  We will have to control the line of scrimmage and tackle well.  We are beat up so we need some kids to step up.”


5. Hermleigh vs Ropes
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at Hermleigh

These schools are only two hours apart, so I was surprised when I couldn’t find a record of them every playing one another.  Both are consistently solid competitors who should never be underestimated.  By the numbers, Ropes is favored by six. Personally, I give seven points for home field advantage in games expected to be close- which makes Hermleigh a one point favorite.  This game has the potential to be a slobber-knocker, and if fans are lucky it will go into overtime.

Coach’s Take
Hermleigh Head Coach Sammy Winters
“After the way we played last week, which was the most physical game I have seen us play in five years, we expect the boys to play like that the rest of the year.  Everyone was flying to the football and bringing once they get there.  We are learning and getting better each week.  They come ready to work and learn every day.  We’re hoping that Ropes is a stepping stone towards doing everything right and taking care of business.  Ropes is a great quality opponent that will give us tests and fits so we hope to do things right against them.  Our players are hungry for the playoffs and know this is a game that will get us ready for it.  We’re excited for Friday.”

Ropes Head Coach Lane Jackson
“I think this will be the best team we’ve played so far.  They’re coming off a loss to Sterling City, so they will be more focused.  We will have to play excellent defense and execute well with a balanced offense to get the win.”


6. Union Hill vs Aquilla
7:30 PM Friday Sept 21 at Aquilla

I had a hard time deciding if I should include this game.  Union Hill is a 45 point favorite, but my thoughts on Aquilla should help you understand why I chose to add it.

Union Hill has been a contender since Shane Mallory took over the program.  They didn’t live up to expectations last season, but this is a new year and the Bulldogs seem to be hungry.

Shad and I have labeled Aquilla as the most inconsistent team in six-man football.  The Cougars seem to struggle in games they should easily win, but play extremely well against teams ranked well above them.

Since this is the type of match-up Aquilla seems to do well in, I expect the Cougars to have a great game.  I do see Union Hill winning this one, but I think they win by less than 20.

Coach’s take
Union Hill Head Coach Shane Mallory
“It should be an interesting matchup.  Aquilla is huge up front and have really good backs to run behind them.  Both teams play physical football, and have been improving from week to week.  It will be a good test for both teams to see where we are as we get closer to district play.”

Aquilla Head Coach Josh Ball
“It’s going to be a tough game. Union Hill is going to test the limits of our offense and defense.  They are a solid team and our key to success will be eliminating mistakes and working together.”

Underdog Pick of the Week
Covington over Morgan
Sixmania rankings have Morgan as a 24 point favorite.

Gordon Glides Past Walnut Springs

By Garrett Ross


Walnut Springs- Gordon (2-1) jumped out to an early lead on Walnut Springs (1-2), but the Hornets dug in for a fight. The Longhorns would score three unanswered touchdowns and wrap the victory up early in the fourth quarter 70-24.

The first quarter set the tone, Gordon took a 30-8 lead on the road over Walnut Springs and made the mercy rule seem inevitable.

Seth Schilling of Walnut Springs had no intentions on going home early and it showed in his performance.

Schilling would have a hand in all three of the Hornets touchdowns, while chipping in on nine tackles from the defensive side.

After Gordon scored on a 7-yard pass play in the first quarter, Schilling took the ensuing kickoff 54-yards for a Walnut Springs touchdown, cutting the Longhorns lead to 14-8.

The Longhorns would find the end zone two more times before the Hornets got another opportunity.

Schilling connected with Tristan Whitt on a 27-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter, but Gordon still held a 30-16 lead over the Hornets.

In what seemed to form a pattern, Gordon would score two more touchdowns before Walnut Springs could get on the board.

Once again it was Schilling that would tack on points for the Hornets. The Senior got loose on a 12-yard run, which would be the final touchdown of the night for Walnut Springs.

This week Walnut Springs will host Avalon and Gordon will host Iredell, both games are set for Friday at 7:30pm.