Wednesday, December 19, Live from AT&T Stadium

11:00AM – Division II State Championship, Strawn Greyhounds vs Follett Panthers

2:00PM – Division I State Championship, McLean Tigers vs Milford Bulldogs

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The entire team will be there.

Jensen Gainer will be the broadcast anchorman.  Shad Kline will join him for pregame.  Bishop Norman and Kevin Wynn will be joining Jensen for the Division II game.  Bishop Norman and New Mexico coach Jose Porras will join in for the Division I game.

Also, Shad will be running his stat machine during the game, CJ Kline will be handling the social media feeds.  Ken Capps will be there for videos and interviews.  Down on the field will be Brandi Parks, Rodney Ayers, and Ray Morris working their magic with the cameras.  Cowboy will be running around making sure everything is running smooth.