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2015 Kress vs White Deer


2015 Higgins vs White Deer


2015 Motley County vs White Deer


2015 Valley vs White Deer


2015 Kress vs Lorenzo


2015 Live Oak vs Lometa


2015 Plainview Christian vs Lazbuddie


2015 Mount Calm vs Oakwood


2015 Strawn vs Gorman


2015 Mount Calm vs Penelope


2015 Mount Calm vs Allen Academy


2015 Oakwood vs Apple Springs


2015 Follett vs Throckmorton


2015 Knox City vs Follett


2015 Happy vs Kress


2014 Kress vs Silverton


2015 Motley County vs Anton


2015 Miami vs Hart


2015 Happy vs Miami


2015 Happy vs White Deer


2015 Nazareth vs White Deer


2015 Follett vs White Deer


2009 State Borden vs Highland


2014 Garden City vs Zephyr


2015 Borden County 58 Crowell 48


2015 Richland Springs vs Balmorhea


2012 Valley vs Borden County


2015 Balmorhea vs Blanket


2015 Balmorhea vs Grandfalls-Royalty


2015 Quarter Buena Vista vs Balmorhea


2015 Miami vs White Deer


2015 White Deer vs Hart


2015 Anton vs Hart


2015 Hart vs Silverton


2015 Happy vs Whiteface


2015 Balmorhea vs Dell City