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2014 Gordon vs Highland endzone cam

2014 Garden City vs Highland

2015 Rotan vs Lueders-Avoca

2014 Rotan vs Lueders-Avoca

2016 Richland Springs vs Paducah


2015 Lubbock Home School vs Paint Creek


2015 Lueders-Avoca vs Paint Creek


2014 Highland vs Sterling City


2014 Robert Lee vs Highland


2014 Gordon vs Highland


2015 Paint Creek vs Panther Creek


2014 Lueders-Avoca vs Paint Creek


2015 Benjamin vs Paint Creek


2015 Blackwell vs Jayton


2015 Newcastle vs Paint Creek


2015 Aspermont vs Jayton


2014 Aspermont vs Jayton


2015 Paint Creek vs Trent


2014 Knox City vs Jayton


2014 Ira vs Jayton


2014 Lueders-Avoca vs Rule


2015 Lueders-Avoca 50 Rule 48


2014 Lueders-Avoca vs Jayton


2015 Petersburg vs Jayton