Sanderson Eagles vs West Texas Oilers

by: Cowboy Parks


I’m running so late this week that I considered not doing a write-up. After some thought on it, I decided I couldn’t leave Sanderson’s performance unmentioned.


The Eagles earned their first mercy-rule win of the season with teamwork- several players had decent stats. Wyatt Mills had 69 yards one touchdown on the ground, passed for a touchdown, 114 receiving yards with two touchdowns, and 14 tackles.  Hunter Truesdell ran for 29 yards, passed for 130 and two touchdowns, and got an interception.  Tyler Harris and Sean Lopez had one receiving touchdown each.  Elijah Carrasco had no recordable offense stats, but with eight tackles and two fumble recoveries, he was an important part of the Eagles’ defense.


Statistically, Wyatt Mills was the star of the show, but I was more impressed with two other players- Chuy Lopez and Ian Perez. Chuy is not a little guy and he’s far from being fast.  In fact, if he was in an 11-man school, he would likely be a lineman.  Luckily for Sanderson, he plays six-man for them.  On the ground, Lopez rumbled for a total of 62 yards and two touchdowns.  He also threw for 29 yards and a touchdown, logged 9 tackles- 4 for lost yardage, and took a fumble recovery to the house.  Ian Perez, 8 tackles and 3 pass break ups, is a freshman with the potential to be a defensive stud.  This kid is definitely not afraid of contact- he delivered most of the big hits in the game.


I can’t forget the Oilers. These young men played hard and never gave up, they were simply outmatched.  Winning would have required a level of fundamental soundness that very few teams will ever reach.

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