Week 9 District Breakdown, Division I West

by: Shad Kline

District 1

Happy and White Deer will meet up on Friday for what is effectively the district championship. Happy is the heavy favorite and should come out on top, and their schedule only gets easier.  McLean and Miami are playing what is virtually an elimination game.  The winner will have a shot at taking out White Deer for the 2nd place spot and a playoff berth, even though it will be a long shot.  McLean is the stronger team.  Right now, I’m looking at the district to finish Happy, White Deer, McLean, and Miami, in that order.


District 2

Nazareth is in the drivers seat. They play Hart this week and should win that one handily.  Anton and Whiteface battle it out to remain in contention for 2nd place.  I think the 2nd place final will be the winner of this game and Hart.  It will most likely be Anton.  Nazareth, Hart, Anton, Whiteface, in that order.


District 3

I think the Meadows/Ropes game this Friday is the district championship, Ropes is the favorite, but it is a huge rivalry, so it will be closer than the 39 point spread. Lorenzo and New Home will be fighting it out to avoid elimination and the chance to surprise the loser of the Ropes/Meadow game for the number 2 spot.  Ropes, Meadow, New Home, Lorenzo is my prediction of how this district will finish.


District 4

Paducah and Spur will be in action Friday night with major playoff implications. Either team can win this one, and either team can beat Knox City, although KC is the favorite.  Knox City isn’t guaranteed a win this week either, as they are favored over Rotan, but not by a ton.  This could be anybody’s district to win or lose, the rating between the top team and the bottom team is less than 45 points.  My current picks are made with extreme caution and doubt.  Knox City, Spur, Rotan, and Paducah is the order I’m going to go with…….. for now.


District 5

Borden County. Can anyone in this district take them down?  I don’t think so.  So the real battle will be for second place.  Hermleigh has already taken down Ira, and is sitting pretty for the number 2 spot.  Klondike has beaten O’Donnell and will have to work really hard to beat Ira AN D Hermleigh for 2nd.  I don’t think it’s going to happen, but this is football after all.  Borden County, Hermleigh, Ira, Klondike, O’Donnell is my sure bet for this district.


District 6

Garden City should beat Westbrook and Sterling City should be Robert Lee, although Robert Lee is gaining strength as the season progresses. This will set up a district championship and a battle of who is the better “City”.  Garden City is much more consistent and the favorite at this point, but Sterling City has shown a lot of promise and will have a shot at it.  Garden City, Sterling City, Robert Lee, Westbrook is my prediction of how this district will finish.


District 7

This district should belong to Buena Vista. Both Marfa and Rankin have a shot at beating them, but they will have to step it up to do it.  Marfa gets their shot at Buena Vista this week while Rankin gets an easier time with Fort Davis.  I don’t think either team can get it done, so I feel  that it will come down to the Marfa/Rankin game for the 2nd playoff position.  Buena Vista, Rankin, Marfa, and Fort Davis is how I think this district will sort out in the end.


District 8

Water Valley is way down this year, but still the favorite to win this district. They will take on Paint Rock, the lowest rated team in this district, this week and should beat them handily.  Veribest and Santa Anna will battle for the district runner-up honors this week.  Whoever wins has a legitimate shot at surprising Water Valley for the district championship.  Water Valley, Veribest, Santa Anna, Paint Rock is my reserved opinion of how this district will end week 11.


Round 1

Region 1

Happy will destroy the 2nd place team from district 2, but the other bi-district game for districts 1/2 could be a battle.  I think it will be White Deer over Nazareth in that one.  Ropes should beat their district 4 opponent, Spur. Meadow will have an uphill battle to keep Knox City from moving on to round 2.

Region 2

Borden County will eliminate a top 10 team in Sterling City and Garden City will beat Hermleigh. Buena Vista shouldn’t have a problem with Veribest, but Rankin will move on to the second round as a distict 2nd place team and end District 8 for the season.


Round 2

District 1 will take both teams to Round 3, Happy will take down Ropes and White Deer will take down Knox City. Borden County will have to not take Buena Vista lightly, but as long as they don’t then they will find themselves in round 3 against Garden City.  Garden City will easily handle Rankin in round 2

Round 3

Happy and White Deer will meet again and it will be more of the same as Happy takes this one easily. White Deer is good, real good, but Happy is an elite team this season.  Borden County will have the harder battle as they have to get past a very good Garden City team, but I think they will.


Happy and Borden County. I think I will reserve my pick on this game for a later date.  Right now they are #1 and #2 and I don’t see that changing in the near future.  I hope I can be at this game.  Should be a doozie.


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