Week 9 District Breakdown, Division I East

By Shad Kline

District 9

Once again, this is a district that is a toss up. Medina is the front runner and are the favorites over Lometa this week, but Medina is still relatively new to sixman and not experienced in getting to the playoffs.  Eden has the slight rating edge over Nueces Canyon, but this is sixman football, and its not enough of an edge to make it a guaranteed game.  We will have to see how this week turns out before predicting the rest of the season.  Still, I’m going to go with Medina, Eden, Lometa, Nueces Canyon as my district picks, but very likely to change by next week.

District 10

Two powerhouses in this district make it a tough pick for first, but make it pretty easy to pick the playoff teams. Jonesboro has Blanket this week and should finish this game by the half.  Repeat that for Zephyr over Evant.  It should be an exciting game when Jonesboro and Zephyr meet up for the district championship.  I’m going to give Zephyr the edge and order this district as Zephyr, Jonesboro, Evant, Blanket.

District 11

May is all alone at the top of this district, they should breeze through district play unscathed. The will start with Gorman this week.  Gordon and Lingleville will be fighting for the chance at upsetting Gorman for the 2nd playoff berth.  May, Gorman, Gordon, Lingleville is the order I’m predicting.

District 12

Bryson is expected to win this district outright. They have already beaten Newcastle and Gold-Burg and will dispense of Saint Jo this week.  Forestburg is off this week but have already beaten the only two teams that could have challenged them for second place, Newcastle and Saint Jo.  Newcastle and Gold-Burg will face off this week in a game that has no bearing on playoffs, but pride in not finishing last will come into play.  Expect Newcastle to win this one.  Bryson, Forestburg, Newcastle, Saint Jo, Gold-Burg is how I think they will finish.

District 13

Blum and Avalon are both undefeated in this district so far, and I expect them both to stay that way until they meet up. Blum is off this week.  Avalon has Kopperl and shouldn’t have to work too hard to keep their district record untarnished.  Covington will get 1 in the Win column this week against Bynum, but it could be their only one in district.  Blum, Avalon, Kopperl, Covington, Bynum is the expected finish to this district.

District 14

Abbott is not the front runner!!! They have already lost to Aquilla in a week 7 beating.  Aquilla is the very slight favorite over Coolidge this week in what could be the game that determines 1 & 2 finishes.  Abbott isn’t out of it yet though, if Aquilla beats Coolidge, then Abbott can still squeak into the playoffs by beating Coolidge as well.  Penelope will fall a lot short to Abbott this week while Gholson gets a much needed bye week.  Aquilla, Coolidge, Abbott, Penelope, Gholson is the my best guess.

District 15

Tioga has already locked in a playoff spot barring an unexpected 3 way tie. This district has four teams but was scheduled to play a 5 team district, so their schedule is way off the norm.  Savoy and Fannindel will square up this week to try to secure the runner up position.  If Savoy wins this week, they will have a remote chance of upsetting Tioga and switching playoff spots with them.  Tioga, Savoy, Fannindel, Fruitvale is my pick.

District 16

This district is Union Hill’s. They will have a short game against Apple Springs this week for their 3rd district win.  High Island will have Chester and should take that one.  Leverett’s Chapel is off.   When High Island and Leverett’s Chapel meet, it will be an elimination game with the winner going to the playoffs as the runner up and the loser ending up 3rd in the District.  Union Hill, High Island, Leverett’s Chapel, Chester, Apple Springs is how I think this district finishes.

Round 1

Region 3

Jonesboro should have an easy enough game with Medina and move on the 2nd round.  May will have a little tougher time with Forestburg, but will get it done.  Zephyr will easily handle Eden, and Bryson will defeat Gorman for the second time this season to move on.

Region 4

I believe Coolidge can take out Blum and Aquilla can handle Avalon and end district 13’s season. Tioga should handle High Island pretty easily.  Union Hill will be all over Savoy and end it at the half.

Round 2

May will have the upper hand against Jonesboro, but Jonesboro is never a team to be overlooked. Still, I think May takes it.  Bryson is just too good this year for Zephyr, but it should be a high scoring game.  Tioga and Coolidge may be the game of the week, it will be a battle, but I think Tioga wins this one in a nail biter.  Union Hill should have their hands full with Aquilla, but will come out on top as long as they are healthy.

Round 3

Two very good games this round. May and Bryson will battle this one out all the way to the end.  I see May using their big game experience to edge out the Cowboys.  Tioga and Union Hill will also be a battle, but it will end with Union Hill being on top.

Round 4

May and Union Hill will be a battle, and just like in the West, I’m going to reserve my pick on this until after I see how they both do in the next couple of weeks.

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