Week 9 District Breakdown, Division II East

By Shad Kline

District 9

Another 3 team district. Crowell stands way above the other 2 teams and will easily take this district, starting with a win over Chillicothe this week.  Either Chillicothe or Northside can take second, they are rated too close to call.  My pick will be Crowell, Chillicothe, Northside.

District 10

Another district with 4 but has the schedule of 5. Rule had to drop out due to injuries and a lack of numbers this season.  Aspermont has already won 2 and practically clinched a playoff spot.  They are off this week from district play and will play the new to sixman Morton team to stay oiled up. Lueders-Avoca will take on Paint Creek this week and will work, but get it done and eventually take 2nd as they have already defeated the other possible 2nd place team, Throckmorton.  Throckmorton is off this week.  Aspermont, Lueders-Avoca, Throckmorton, Paint Creek is how I see this district finishing.

District 11

There is no question that Strawn will go 3-0 in district and most likely 45 all three opponents. The #2 team in division II is way ahead of anybody else in this district.  They start with Rising Star this week.  Moran and Woodson will face off on Friday, but don’t expect a game here either as Moran is much improved this year and will likely finish this district as the runner-up.  The only good game in this district will be Rising Star and Woodson for 3rd place, and that’s not until week 11.  Strawn, Moran, Rising Star, Woodson is my pick for this district.

District 12

Panther Creek is the heavy favorite for this district. They will take Brookesmith this week and hand them their first district loss.  Brookesmith barely edged Mullin by 2 last week in what was most likely the battle for second place.  Mullin should soundly defeat Gustine this week and Sidney is off.  If you want to catch a good game in this district, Gustine and Sidney battling for the pride of not getting last may be your best bet on week 11 when Gustine goes to Sidney.  My district order of finish is Panther Creek, Brookesmith, Mullin, Sidney, Gustine.

District 13

Richland Springs is on 2 missions this year, their normal mission of winning state, which they are so good at, and the mission of proving that they are not as down as people think they are. District play is just a formality for them.  They have Rochelle first, no problem for the Coyotes.  Cherokee will not have a problem with Lohn either and will eventually end up as the runner-up.  Richland Springs, Cherokee, Rochelle, Lohn.  If I were a betting man, I would gladly throw my money down to anyone who thinks this district will finish in a different order.

District 14

Iredell has come on really strong this year and will take this district without breathing too hard. They have Walnut Springs this week.  Morgan should take down Cranfills Gap.  The biggest question in this district is who will take second?  We will find out when Morgan and Walnut Springs play in week 11.  I see this district ending in this order:  Iredell, Morgan, Walnut Springs, Cranfills Gap.

District 15

Milford is the favorite and will take down Trinidad this week. Oakwood will handle Mt. Calm with ease as well.  This district may be the easiest one for me to pick as each team is more than a 45 point yardstick ahead of the next.  Milford, Oakwood, Trinidad, Mt. Calm in that order.

District 16

Calvert is just not the same team as last year……. But they don’t have to be to win this district, which they will. The second best team in this district is ranked at #40.  Calvert will handle Oglesby with ease and Buckholts will do the same with Prairie Lea.  I don’t see the second place game between Buckholts and Oglesby to be much of a game either, Buckholts will win that one by a lot and take 2nd.  My picks for this district is Calvert, Buckholts, Oglesby, Prairie Lea.

Round 1

Region 3

There will be a good game in round 1 and it will be Panther Creek against Moran. Panther Creek will win it in a very tight race.  Crowell will beat Lueders-Avoca.  Strawn will destroy Brookesmith.  Aspermont will have their way with Chillicothe.  Stick to the Panther Creek/Moran game if you want to see a game.  If you want to go home early, any of the other 3 will do.

Region 4

I could repeat the same thing that I just wrote for region 3 and just change the teams. In fact, I think I will.  There will be a good game in round 1 and it will be Calvert against Oakwood.  Calvert will win it in a very tight race.  Richland Springs will beat Morgan.  Milford will destroy Buckholts.  Iredell will have their way with Cherokee.  Stick to the Calvert /Oakwood game if you want to see a game.  If you want to go home early, any of the other 3 will do.

Round 2

Now we are getting into some good games. Strawn should soundly defeat Crowell, but needs to be ready for the famous Wildcat passing attack.  Aspermont can and probably will take out Panther Creek.  The uber game of this round will be Richland Springs and Milford.  A playoff rivalry, a lot of board trash talking and two top 5 teams will make this game an instant classic.  I see Richland Springs coming out on top though.  Iredell and Calvert will be a good game too.  Calvert, even down a bit just has the come-back-ability that no other team has and will have to pull it out to barely beat Iredell

Round 3

Back to not so great. Strawn is leaps and bounds ahead of Aspermont and it will show on the field.  Early drive back home.  Richland will once again meet Calvert in round 3 and will once again have their way with them.  This time they will do it whether there is an all state player injury or not.

Round 4

Strawn and Richland Springs. I just hope that this game and the BC/Happy game are NOT played on the same date.  I really want to see both games.  I’m not going to pick this game just yet.  I know how I’m thinking, I just want to see what happens for a couple of weeks.

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