Cowboy’s Championship Predictions

Once again, I was one game away from a perfect pick. For most of this season, I have said Strawn would play Balmorhea in the championship game- then I flipped at the last minute and picked Milford. This reminded me to never second-guess myself.
With that said, I give you my final picks of the 2017 season. If I pick against your team, don’t get too upset. Every team that will be playing at AT&T Stadium on December 20 has my respect. These are just my opinions- the victor will be decided on the field.

Borden County vs Jonesboro

Don Hardin would have loved this Coyote team. Like me, he was always more impressed with defense. Borden County has allowed a total of 112 points in 14 games- that’s an average of eight points per game. Their offense isn’t too shabby either. Scoring 839 points for an average of nearly 60 per game. Those are great numbers that become more impressive when you look at who they played.
Jonesboro graduated several key players from last year’s finalist team. Fortunatly others stepped up, giving the Eagles a chance at redemption. All of Jonesboro’s pre-district opponents, including Milford and Iredell, made it into the playoffs- but they still haven’t faced a team like Borden County. I believe the Coyotes crush Jonesboro’s dreams of rings and trophies again.

Balmorhea vs Strawn

This is has the potential to be a championship game that will be talked about for years. Sixmania has Strawn winning by three, I have Balmorhea winning by four. Balmorhea was my pre-season division II pick to win it all, and I haven’t wavered. They felt the pain of defeat on the state’s biggest stage last year, and have played this season with plans of redemption. The Bears are hungry for a title this year- so much so that their mantra is “It’s feeding time”. They seem to have taken it to heart, and will walk onto the field at AT&T undefeated.
Strawn will also come in without a loss, and the Greyhound is an appropriate mascot. This team is explosive, quick, and seems to have no problem scoring. They 45’d Abbott and Crowll, and beat Milford by 31. The Greyhounds’ also have an outstanding kicking game, and in a game this close, it could be the difference.
I believe this is the Bears’ year, but only if they leave it all on the field and don’t turn the ball over.

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  1. I believe the defense of Strawn will be to much for Balmorhea. I pick Strawn for the win by 16. Good luck to both teams!

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