Legal Notice of Dissolution of Partnership

To whom it may concern:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the State of Texas that: The partnership heretofore existing between Dency McClure, Shad Kline and Charles Parks under the name Sixmania, LLC is now dissolved by mutual consent.  That Dency McClure has withdrawn from Sixmania and is no longer associated in the conduction of said business.  Shad Kline and Charles Parks have entered into an equal partnership and will continue to conduct, oversee, and manage all business associated with Sixmania, LLC.

This is a legal notice, posted by Shad Kline as the spokesperson for Sixmania LLC, in agreement with Shad Kline and Charles Parks of Sixmania LLC and Dency McClure, former partner.

This next part is NOT a legal notice:

Dency has decided to leave Sixmania as of her own free will and with no animosity from either party.  We wish her the best of luck and we have agreed that we will remain friends.  As always, our main objective is to provide the kids of the 6-man world with the honor and recognition that they deserve, and this dissolution of partnership will not prevent either party from doing just that.  If you have any questions concerning this statement, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you,

Shad Kline

Charles Parks

Sixmania, LLC

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