Sweet Beginnings


By Jimmy Armendarez Jr.


   When football season began in 2017 several articles came out on which teams would make that November December push towards Dallas Texas. However down in Rankin the only article of note that mentioned The Red Devils was a blogger upset over his teams low Ranking in the Polls. The subject of teams that play cupcake teams like Rankin was mentioned. That soon turned into a rally cry for the Red Devil faithful “Come and Get Your Cup Cakes!”  Was the new battle cry. Rankin quietly started the season Ranked in the low 60’s but throughout the ups and downs of a season were Ranked as high as 12th in a few polls and ended the season around 18th in the state with a record of 8-4. The season ended in a Hollywood fashion 40 – 54 Playoff loss to Garden City. In a game that was little more than a footnote article mentioning Garden City as the favorites in a 45 point halftime spread leading up to the game. As the Red Devil team left for home with the Senior Class completely heartbroken an old feeling came back to the little community of Rankin. A sense of pride and self-belief took the place of question like what if and were replaced with thoughts of what’s next.

In 2018 Rankin brings back 7 seniors and standout (Jr) QB Titan Quigg along with an eager Sophomore class of pit bulls hungry to make the Varsity team. They will be led by First year head coach and AD Garrett Avalos. Avalos is no stranger to Rankin having played QB for the Red Devils from 04-08. Then Returning as an assistant coach in 2014. It is truly a time of new begging’s in Rankin as they set their sights on what’s next.

Jimmy Armendarez Jr.  is a contributor to Sixmania.  He is from Rankin.

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