Cowboy’s Sixshooter Week 2

From McLean’s jump to number one by defeating Strawn, to Knox City’s impressive second half domination of Jayton, week one offered sixman fans some outstanding games. This week I’ll look at six games that will hopefully be just as exciting.

1. Loraine at Bronte
Loraine is an 18 point favorite in this one, but since it’s Bronte’s second six-man game the numbers may not be accurate. Loraine should be a good test for the Longhorns, and it should give us a better idea of where they belong in the rankings. I’m so intrigued with this one that I’ll be in Bronte to watch it.

2. Rotan at Eden
Eden is a seven point underdog, but as we all know that means it could be anyone’s game. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that Rotan comes up short. Even if I’m wrong about who wins, this should be an exciting game. Count it as one of my underdog picks.

3. Follett at Valley
A clash of perennial powerhouses. The names alone should create interest in this one. To make it even better, Valley is only a two point favorite. As much as I love supporting the underdog, I just can’t do it this time. I think the Patriots destroy the spread and win by 20+.

4. Blackwell at Highland
Highland is only an 18 point underdog, but I think they will be hard-pressed to keep the score that close. In my opinion, Blackwell is an underrated team that is flying under the radar. Don’t be surprised if they win by 36 or more. On a side note, Blackwell is my pick to represent division two West at AT&T stadium this year.

5. Sterling City at Buena Vista
Buena Vista is expected to have another good season, but Sterling City isn’t a creampuff. They will expose weaknesses in each other’s gameplay- something every team needs this early in the season. It should be a battle, but Buena Vista will likely win by a couple of touchdowns.

6. Ropes at Nazareth
This is my true underdog pick of the week. Nazareth is a nine point favorite, and they have home field advantage, but I’m going with Ropes by 14. I can’t explain why I’m picking the Eagles, it’s just a gut feeling. If I’m wrong, I’ll claim it was indigestion.

If you attend one of these games, please send me end of quarter scores. (254) 659-7340