Cowboy’s Sixshooter USA week of 9/21/18

We are still learning about the teams outside of our home state, so I expect to be wrong on several picks each week.  Our rankings, and my personal picks, will become more accurate as we gather more information.  If you have first hand knowledge of any team I mention here, please tell us.

1. Wyoming
NSI Academy vs Guernsey-Sunrise
3:00 PM Saturday Sept 22 at NSI Academy

Guernsey-Sunrise was picked to win last week, but they fell short.  With two losses and only one win this season, I have to wonder- did we have the Vikings overrated, or has their schedule been that tough?  We should get that answer this week when they face the NSI Academy Wolves.

NSI Academy is 3-0 this season, but their opponents haven’t been as tough as those faced by the Vikings.  NSI is picked to win by 19, but if they can win by 30 or more, they have a chance to move into Wyoming’s top five.

2. New Mexico
Springer/Maxwell vs Animas
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Socorro

Springer/Maxwell looks to be solid. The Red Devils beat the spread last week, but that will be more difficult against Animas.  They come into this one as 45 point underdogs. I’m including this game anyway because of what I’ve been told by someone who knows New Mexico six-man.

Animas is sitting at #1 in New Mexico.  The Panthers are the team to beat but so far no one has been able to do it.  I don’t believe Springer/Maxwell is the team to do it, but I do think they can beat the spread.

3. Nebraska
Arthur County vs Creek Valley
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Creek Valley

According to our spreads, this will be one of the most competitive games this week.  Arthur County is only a one point favorite- but Creek Valley has home field advantage.  It’s also Creek Valley’s homecoming game so they have even more incentive to get the win.
I’m going against the system on this one and picking Creek Valley by 12.

4. Colorado
Cheyenne Wells vs Granada
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Granada

Although I have almost no knowledge of these teams, the spread piques my interest.  Sixmania has Cheyenne Wells picked to win by 10.  Based on their scores against a common opponent, I think that will likely be accurate.  I’ll be looking for film on this game regardless of the outcome.

5. Alabama
Chilton vs Conecuh Springs
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Conecuh Springs

With the exception of #1 Victory Millbrook, the top teams in this league have proven to be extremely competitive.  #2 Conecuh Springs is only a two point favorite over #3 Chilton, so it could easily go either way.  PATs will be critical, and will likely determine the outcome of this one.

6. Kansas
Ashland vs Pawnee Heights
7:00 PM Friday Sept 21 at Ashland

This is another game that I know very little about the teams.  I don’t even have a spread on this one because we don’t have Kansas in the system yet.  I’m not sure why, but while looking through the schedules and scores, this matchup drew my attention.  I’ll take a guess at it and take Pawnee Heights by 30.