Cowboy’s Sixshooter Recap of USA Games to Consider

1. Wyoming
NSI Academy vs Guernsey-Sunrise

Guernsey-Sunrise beat the spread by 25, moving them to #76 in our national rankings.

2. New Mexico
Springer/Maxwell vs Animas

I thought Springer/Maxwell could beat the 45 point spread in this one, but I was wrong. Animas stays at #1 in New Mexico with a 58-6 win.

3. Nebraska
Arthur County vs Creek Valley

We predicted this game to be a nail-biter, and it didn’t disappoint. Arthur County was picked to win by one. Their 40-35 win was a testament to the system’s accuracy.

4. Colorado
Cheyenne Wells vs Granada

Granada must not have liked our predictions. We had them losing by 10 but they proved us wrong and won by 16.

5. Alabama
Chilton vs Conecuh Springs

The system was almost dead on once again. Conecuh Springs was a two point favorite- and won by four. With a 16-12 final, this would have been a great game for defensively minded fans.

6. Kansas
Ashland vs Pawnee Heights

This one showed me why you should never guess the outcome of a game with no knowledge of the teams. I picked Pawnee Heights by 30. Instead, Ashland dominated with a 67-21 victory.