Cowboy’s Sixshooter USA week of 9/28

I’m slowly gaining knowledge about the six-man teams across the nation.  I have done a lot of research and made a lot of calls, but I still have much to learn.  Based on our rankings, and my limited knowledge, here are six games that should be worth watching.
Time got away from me while researching teams so I was only able to list four games this time.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do better next week.


1. Colorado
Prairie at Otis
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

#4 Prairie is a two point favorite over #5 Otis, but that’s on paper.  I have no personal knowledge of either team, so I contacted some people that do.  Ben Blecha, sports director at 105.7 KPMX, believes it will go the other way.  In his words- “Take out Bryce Miracle and Otis is a very different team. Prairie has been developing their team back to the top tier.  The coach at Prairie does a great job with those boys so there is no doubt they’ll have the game plan, but they’ve not shut a good team down this year.  Prairie will have to outscore Otis in a shootout.  I think Otis wins by 2 scores.”
Paul Griese, head coach of Otis, gave me a little more insight.  “Prairie is a power team.  They have two backs in the 200 pound range and a line that is bigger- their center is around 300 pounds.  We are fast and mainly run spread.  We can outrun them, but stopping their power will be a challenge.”
If you like a lot of scoring, this could be the game for you.


2. Wyoming
Meeteetse at Farson-Eden
2:00 PM Friday Sept 28

We have Meeteetse at #1 in Wyoming, and a 15 point favorite. Farson-Eden is #3 and plays at home. coaches poll has Farson-Eden at #1 and Meeteetse at #2.  This game will justify, or correct our Wyoming rankings.  Meeteetse’s coach told me he hopes our prediction is correct, but he feels the game will be much closer and his team will need to play very well to get the win.


3. Kansas
Deerfield at Rolla
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

These teams were playing 8-man last season, and the move to sixman hasn’t been good to them.  Both are winless coming into this game and will be looking forward to breaking that streak.  Deerfield is only a one point underdog, but it’s Rolla’s homecoming and that is something no ranking system can figure in.  This isn’t a high profile game, but it should be extremely competitive.


4. Wyoming
Lingle-Fort Laramie at Midwest
7:00 PM Friday Sept 28

Our rankings have Midwest as the predicted winner, but not by much.  Only two points separate these teams. Fortunately for Lingle- Fort Laramie, Midwest will be starting several freshman due to multiple reasons.  It will be interesting to see if these young and inexperienced players are up to the challenge.  The odds are in Lingle- Fort Laramie’s favor, and I expect an upset.