Cowboy’s Week 5 Travels

I rarely write about my travels to and from games, but this is a long, eventful, trip. I’ll mention the games, but this is more about the weekend than the games.
We intended to leave home at 9:00 AM on Friday, but I was called in to work. I made it back home at 11:30, and my wife and daughter still weren’t ready. An hour later, we finally got on the road. I had planned to take photos in every six-man town we passed through, but when you’re running three and a half hours behind schedule, that’s not really possible.
Photos, and shout-outs were done in Trent and Hermleigh, but we had to skip Borden County because we didn’t have time. We arrived in O’Donnell less than an hour before game time- just early enough to talk to the coaches for a few minutes.
I fired up my broadcast just before game time- and got a call from Bishop while I was on air. He was in May to broadcast their game with Zephyr, but cell towers were down so he was having a lot of problems. He managed to get the broadcast started, but less than ten minutes later he lost all service and he had to shut it down.
Things went smoothly for my broadcast of the O’Donnell vs Anton game. The Screamin Eagles got sent home early by Anton, but overall they are young and showed potential. On the other hand, Anton played a good game. The Bulldogs look to be capable of making a decent playoff run.
Saturday morning I was reminded why Allsups isn’t the greatest place to eat supper. We hit the road anyway because we had a four hour drive to Dell City. It seems strange, but the fastest way from O’Donnell Texas to Dell City Texas is through New Mexico.
I need to back up a little. My daughter usually drives a 4×4 pickup. Somewhere between Lamesa and Seminole, she straddled a dead hog- but we were in my wife’s car. Needless to say, that wasn’t a wise choice and the smell made it imperative to find an undercarriage wash in Hobbs NM. Luckily, we have friends there and they directed us to a good carwash. After visiting with our friends for a few minutes, we got back on the road.
After a few stops to take senior photos of my daughter, and one for my wife to pee in a concrete teepee, we rounded Guadalupe Peak and turned back North towards Dell City.
Dell City’s field isn’t fancy, but I’ve never seen a prettier background. When looking across the field from the home side, you can see Guadalupe Peak. The excitement of a game, and the peacefulness of the mountains is an interesting combination.
We received a very warm welcome from the home team players and coaches- and they gave me a helmet signed by the team.
Before the game, I interviewed the team captains. After the interview I told them to give me a show. It took them a while to build momentum, but when they did, they used it to earn a mercy rule win.
Places to stay the night are scarce in that area, so we decided on Odessa. Countless oil field vehicles, drill rigs, and four hours of road time after leaving Dell City, we were finally able to rest for the night.
The trip home on Sunday was reasonably calm. We took photos in Garden City, Sterling City, and Robert Lee. After 1217 miles, 56 hours, two football games, photos at five other schools, and senior photos along the way, we made it home safely.
I love weekends like this.