Cowboy’s Sixshooter- Games to Consider

There are several games that have piqued my interest, but I’ll give you six that you should consider watching if you can.

1. Texas
Bronte at Eden
7:30 PM Friday Oct 12

Eden starts district play as a five point favorite with home field advantage.  Bronte will be looking to redeem themselves for last week’s loss.  This should be a slobber-knocker.

2. Alabama
Clay County Christian at Victory Millbrook
7:00 PM Friday Oct 12

Victory Millbrook is averaging 62 points per game, and they have not been scored on.  Clay County is number two, but they are still 35 point underdogs.  It will be interesting to see if Victory can dominate once again.

3. Colorado
Stratton-Liberty at Arickaree-Woodlin
7:30 PM Friday Oct 12

Another #1 vs #2 battle with a high point spread.  Stratton-Liberty is a 32 point favorite, but they haven’t allowed anyone to stay that close.  Arickaree-Woodlin may be the one team in Colorado that can hold them back.

4. Kansas
Moscow at Pawnee Heights
7:00 PM Friday Oct 12

Moscow is holding on to the #2 spot in Kansas, but they’ll have to work to keep it.  This week they are only eight point favorites over #5 Pawnee Heights.  I expect this one to be a barn-burner as both teams are hungry for the win.

5. Nebraska
South Platte at Creek Valley
7:00 PM Friday Oct 12

Expect a nail-biter with this one. These teams are so evenly matched that there is only a one point spread- in favor of Creek Valley.  However, if either team can find a way to win by 30 or more, it could be enough to propel them into the Nebraska top 10.

6. New Mexico
Vaughn at NM School for the Deaf
3:00 PM Thursday Oct 11

Neither of these teams are highly ranked, but we expect this game to be competitive.  Vaughn is an eleven point favorite, but six-man fans know that isn’t much of a spread in our version of football.  This one is intriguing to me for another reason as well.  I’m curious what type of signal the officials use to call a play dead.  The whistle won’t do it.  If you can help me out with this, please do.