Cowboy’s Sixshooter 10/17/18

This is a tough week for fans looking for competitive games.  I’m sure there will be a few upsets and surprises, but most games are likely to be lopsided.

1. New Mexico
Grady-San Jon (3-4) at Floyd (2-4)
3:00 PM Friday Oct 19

Grady-San Jon is the favorite, but only by 0.30 point.  Basically, this should be the best match-up this week.  With an average of 42 points per game, Grady-San Jon has shown that their strength is on the offensive side of the ball.  Unfortunately, they are allowing an average of 60 points per game.
Floyd’s averages are 45 points allowed, but only 26 scored.  At first glance it looks like Floyd should be the underdog, but I looked past the surface.  They have several mutual opponents, and Floyd’s defense has held them to lower scores.  I’m going with the underdog in this one.

2. Texas
O’Donnell at Grady
7:30 PM Friday Oct 19

Some will see this as the game to determine third place in Division I District 6, but it could be more than that.  Winning this game will keep playoff hopes alive.  O’Donnell is a one point favorite, but they play at Grady.  I’m expecting a barn-burner, and mistakes could make the difference.  This is a tough call, but I think Grady will get the win.

3. Colorado
Briggsdale at North Park
1:00 PM Saturday Oct 20

North Park is a four point underdog, but there are things we can’t figure into the spreads.  This game has an important variable that will likely prove our spreads wrong- it’s North Park’s Homecoming.  This should be a fun one to watch.

4. Kansas
Pawnee Heights at Rolla
7:00 PM Friday Oct 19

This isn’t a game to watch if you’re looking for a hard-fought game.  However, Pawnee Heights is the favorite to win it all in Kansas, so it is a game to watch if you want to see one of the best six-man teams in Kansas.

5. Wyoming
Guernsey-Sunrise at HEM
3:00 PM Friday Oct 19

Undefeated HEM is a fourteen point favorite, but Guernsey-Sunrise isn’t a pushover.  The Vikings of Guernsey-Sunrise have only lost two games this season- both losses were to highly ranked teams.  With it being late in the season, both will be hungry for a big win, so fans should be in for an exciting game.  I’ll take HEM in this one.

6. Texas
Wellman-Union at Meadow
7:30 PM Friday Oct 19

Meadow is a three point dog, but they play at home and this game could have playoff implications.  If our rankings are accurate, the winner of this one will likely take second place in district.  That gives both teams a huge reason to win, so this one should be great for fans.  Wellman-Union gets are hard earned win.