Kade Scott Record Night Ends In Pawnee Heights Victory

By Garrett Ross


Rozel- Cheylin sophomore Colton McCarty had a historic night as he lead the way for the Cougars with 12 total touchdowns; however his performance was the second best of the night.

Pawnee Heights senior Kade Scott led the Tigers to a 118-85 victory over Cheylin in the opening round of the playoffs, with 14 total touchdowns and he had two more that were negated by penalties.

When the madness finally came to an end, Scott owned the Kansas State Record for most touchdowns scored in a game, or did he?

The state of Kansas doesn’t consider six-man football a sanctioned sport, so these historic performances will never be acknowledged within the state records.

“Kade shouldn’t be penalized because of the size of school he attends. 11 man, 9 man, 8 man, 6 man, every player wears a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, cleats, and they proudly wear the jersey that says their schools name,” said Pawnee Heights head coach Jeff Chambers. “14 touchdowns by a young man deserves to be recognized.”

“To me, football is football! We are a small community, but it’s like a family here. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

The two teams were tied at 19 when the first quarter ended, but Pawnee Heights would lead the remainder of the game.

During the third quarter Pawnee Heights held a 78-59 lead over Cheylin, and Scott and McCarty were putting on a show. Coach Chambers realized he watching something special at that moment.

“It was in the third quarter that I realized we were watching something that hasn’t happened in a long time,” said Chambers. “Kade is a special young man, and I am honored to coach such an amazing athlete. He’s a young man that just plays the game because he loves the game.”

Scott carried the ball 33 times for 501-yards and 11TD. He was 5-7, 50 1TD through the air and he hauled in 4 receptions for 90-yards and 2TD. He also returned a kickoff for a TD.

On the defensive side of the ball, Scott finished the game with 7-solo tackles and 5-assisted tackles.

McCarty carried the ball 29 times for 252-yards and 7TD. He was 15-36, 226 5TD through the air and added 2-solo tackles and 8-assisted tackles and 1INT on defense.

“Kade has been very special to this team for all 3 years, Colton is just a sophomore and is an amazing young man as well,” said Chambers. “Watching both of them play that game was something that just was, I don’t know if I could describe it.”

“Coach Chris Walden (Cheylin HC) and myself were talking after the game and we both agreed that if those two young men were on a team together, Holy Cow what a team that would be. But the next statement was also true, in that Kansas 6- man football has some great kids on every team and they deserve to be recognized for just that!”