Cowboy’s Sixshooter

There have been some welcome surprises in the Texas playoffs.  My division I brackets were destroyed last week, and I love it.  I know that sounds strange, but upsets in round one keeps me on my toes.  It is a great reminder that no matter how much we think we know about the teams, the games are played on the field and anything can happen.  Personally, I don’t mind being wrong.  It means a team stepped up, or I overlooked something.  Either way, I gain knowledge.  With that said, here are six games that I’m guessing will be worth your time.

1. I have to start with Colorado because it’s their championship game.  Stratton-Liberty has been the team to beat all season, and looked to be the clear favorite to win it all.  However, Kit Carson has turned up the heat and is now a three point favorite by our system.  Colorado Preps still has Kit Carson as the underdog, so this one should be fun.

2. When I was looking through the schedules and spreads, this game really jumped out at me- Garden City vs Borden County.  Borden County is a 21 point dog according to Shad’s system, but I don’t see it.  Garden City is my pick to win, but they’ll have to earn it.  I’ll be more conservative and take GC by six.

3. Calvert will once again face Richland Springs in the playoffs.  Richland Springs has won six of the last nine meetings.  RS is a seven point favorite this time.  The underdog lover in me wants to pick Calvert, but the sensible side says not to.  I’m going with the sensible part of me this time, and taking RS by 18.

4. Motley County is a team based around an established program.  Even on down years they are tough.  This week they’ll be a six point favorite over Anton.  I think they can pull it off, but Anton won’t make it easy.  Expect to stay on the edge of your seat if you attend this one.

5. Nueces Canyon is one of the teams that crushed my bracket.  I didn’t expect them to win last week, but they proved me wrong.  This week they play Gorman, and I believe they will use the momentum to carry them into the quarterfinals.  If they do, they’ll make school history by being the first Nueces Canyon team to make the third round.

6. Blackwell vs Jayton intrigues me.  Blackwell has been my favorite to represent division II west at AT&T Stadium since before this season started.  Jayton wasn’t even on my radar, but the Jaybirds have come on strong in the last few weeks.  Jayton is a 15 point underdog, but I’m beginning to wonder if they will be the team to mess up my division II bracket.  I’m sticking with Blackwell to win, but won’t be surprised if I’m wrong.