Top Teams movement, Week 7

by Shad Kline

Lets take a look at the top teams and see how they moved in the rankings this week.

Texas UIL Division I

Week 7 Rank (Week 6 rank in parenthesis)

  1. Borden County (1)
  2. Ira (2)
  3. Balmorhea (3)
  4. McLean (4)
  5. Leakey (6)
  6. Garden City (12)
  7. Sterling City (5)
  8. Paducah (7)
  9. Rankin (9)
  10. White Deer (8)

As you can see, the top 4 all maintained the status quo and made no movement.  Borden County had a bye and the other 3 were all favored by 45 and won by 45.  Leakey moved up to #5 but kept the same rating for the same reason.  It’s not until we get to #6 Garden City that we need any explanation.  Garden City jumped all the way from #12 to #6 after beating Strawn by 45, a game in which they started as 11 point underdogs.  The big question is did they actually earn the jump or do they just get the benefit of catching the Greyhounds right in the middle of an injury bug?  Sterling City made a slight drop to #7 after not covering the spread in their win against #9 Rankin.  Paducah, maintained their rating, but dropped 1 spot because Garden City moved up.  Rankin grabbed some rating points and wasn’t affected by the Garden City jump because they slid just ahead of White Deer.  White Deer dropped just 2 rating points after almost covering the spread against Milford, but slipped to #10.  Last weeks #10, May fell out of the top 10 to #14 after struggling a bit, only beating Newcastle by 12, a game in which they were a 45 point favorite.

This week

  1. Bordon County – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #37 O’Donnell
  2. Ira – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #45 Rotan
  3. Balmorhea – 45 point favorite over Independent #1 Midland Trinity
  4. McLean – 45 point favorite over UIL Outlaw #2 Baird
  5. Leakey – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #46 Evant
  6. Garden City – BYE
  7. Sterling City – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #48 Water Valley
  8. Paducah – BYE
  9. Rankin – BYE
  10. White Deer – 45 point favorite over UIL Outlaw #3 Claude

I don’t see a lot of changes happening after week 7.  Everyone is a 45 point favorite against their opponent, or they are on their BYE week.  Someone is going to have to slip pretty hard against a team that shouldn’t give them any trouble if there are to be any changes.  Of course that’s not looking at what may happen just outside the top 10 that could give a team just enough of a jump to get in the mix.  #11 Valley, #12 Milford and #14 May, all play top DII teams and could move up by winning more than the spread is giving them.

UIL Division II

Week 7 rank (week 6 in parenthesis)

  1. Jayton (1)
  2. Grandfalls-Royalty (2)
  3. Blackwell (5)
  4. Gordon (6)
  5. Richland Springs (7)
  6. Strawn (3)
  7. Groom (9)
  8. Motley County (8)
  9. Calvert (4)
  10. Anton (11)

No changes at 1 and 2 as both Jayton and Grandfalls-Royalty did exactly what they were expected to do, 45 their opponent.  #3 Blackwell and #4 Gordon, did that too, but benefited by significant drops by both Strawn and Calvert.  #5 Richland Springs actually dropped a couple of rating points as they were about 6 points shy of the spread in their win, but they moved up 2 spots as well being a benefactor of the Strawn and Calvert drop.  #6 Strawn is where the major shifts start.  They dropped to #6 from #3 after getting 45’d by Garden City after being an 11 point favorite.  Now I know first hand that they had 2 major players sidelined due to injury on this game, and I feel like they will slide up quickly in rating points and rank upon the return of even 1 of those players, and definitely when they get them both back.  But in the meantime, looks like they will have to settle in at a slightly lower rank.  #7 Groom had no change in rating, but moved up 2 spots because of Motley County and Calvert both dropping.  Motley County dropped in rating points but maintained their rank at #8 after losing by 22 to Knox City.  They were the underdog, but only by 3.  Calvert made a significant drop all the way from 4 to 9 after getting strummed by Coolidge by 45.  But as we discussed last week, Calvert made a huge jump last week after beating an injury riddled Oakwood team, and may have very well been slightly overrated coming into the Coolidge game.  Anton slipped into the #10 spot despite losing 4 rating points as they were a touchdown shy of covering the spread against Morton.  Anton can thank Oakwood for the spot as they slipped out of the top 10 to #13 after getting beat much worse by Union Hill than the spread allowed for.  Oakwood’s slip can likely be attested to the injury bug as well as one or more of their top players are out, but expected to return soon.

This week

  1. Jayton – 45 point favorite over UIL DII #63 Guthrie
  2. Grandfalls-Royalty – 45 point favorite over UIL DII #16 Sanderson
  3. Blackwell – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #71 Santa Anna
  4. Gordon – 45 point favorite over UIL DII #40 Morgan
  5. Richland Springs – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #57 Medina
  6. Strawn – 6 point underdog to UIL DI #14 May
  7. Groom – 45 point favorite over UIL DI #70
  8. Motley County – 27 point underdog to UIL DI #11 Valley
  9. Calvert – 26 point underdog to UIL DI #12 Milford
  10. Anton – 45 point favorite to UIL DII #36 Lazbuddie

Should see some changes this week as there are a trio of schools that play top DI teams this week.  The question is, which way will they move, if at all?

Outside of Texas, Kit Carson held onto the #1 spot for Colorado as did Cheylin for Kansas, and Elida for New Mexico.  Inside of Texas, in the private school ranks, every #1 team from last week remained at #1 this week.  The only change at any #1 was in the UIL outlaw ranks where Irion County slid to #1 moving Baird to the #2 spot.