Cowboy’s Sixshooter Six Weeks and Thousands of Miles

This has been a busy season for me. In six weeks I have logged 3500 miles and covered sixteen games.

I started my season at Jayton, and watched several top ranked teams. Weeks two and three I covered some of the little guys- teams that are largely ignored by the media. Mullin vs Trent and Morgan vs Three-Way were both fun games to watch. None of these teams are championship contenders, but they played hard and renewed my love for underdogs.

Week four Brandi and I traveled to Weskan Kansas and Kit Carson Colorado. We chose them because they are only 45 miles apart. Both towns made us feel extremely welcome.
I didn’t realize I would get to see a top ranked team from each state. Moscow, now at #2 in Kansas, used a strong running game to defeat Weskan. It was homecoming for Kit Carson , #1 in Colorado, and they destroyed rival Eads.

We followed underappreciated teams again week 5. Thursday night was Cranfills Gap at Bynum. Gap won by mercy rule, but Bynum put up a good fight. I think both of these teams have a good chance at winning their respective districts.
Friday we made the short trip to Gholson for the Wildcats homecoming game against Buckholts.

Week 6, Brandi and I continued our trend of following teams that don’t get much attention. We started our weekend at Prairie Lea. The Indians fell to Oglesby, but are showing a vast improvement over last season. Oglesby looks solid and should have a shot at second place in their district.
Saturday found us in Dime Box. This was one of the most interesting days I’ve had. When we arrived, the coaches were using sand to fill cracks in the baseball field. Yes, you read that correctly. Dime Box doesn’t have a football field so they painted lines on the baseball field.
A player arrived on a horse, then after I talked to the team, they got in a truck to be in the town parade.
There was no scoreboard or clock so both were kept by officials. During halftime I hung out at my truck with the officials, deputies, and Dime Box fans. The game ended with Dime Box winning 64-32.

For the first time this season, Brandi and I will be going to different games this week. I’ll be at the Evant vs Leakey game, and she will be at Milford’s homecoming. I’ll try to find time to recap the game I attend.