Cowboy’s Sixshooter Reviewing My Preseason Top Ten

It’s almost time for the Texas UIL championship games, so I decided to look back at my preseason top ten in each division. Some finished outside of the top, while teams I had “on the outside looking in” climbed the ladder. Overall, I didn’t do too bad.
The preseason rankings listed are my own, not official Sixmania rankings. The current rankings listed are Sixmania rankings.

Division I

McLean Tigers
Preseason #1, currently #1
The Tigers graduated loads of talented players last year, but others stepped up and filled the positions well. They haven’t been as dominant this season, but winning by one point or forty five earns the same trophy.

Milford Bulldogs
Preseason #2, currently #19
Milford finished the season at 7-4. A district loss to Avalon, a bi-district loss to Union Hill, and not covering the spread in other games nearly pushed the Bulldogs out of the top twenty.

White Deer Bucks
Preseason #3, currently #4
The Bucks finished the season at 9-3. Two of those losses came at the hands of district foe McLean- once in district, the other in the quarter-finals.

Balmorhea Bears
Preseason #4, currently #5
The Bears were on a roll until a district loss to Rankin. They earned a solid win over Garden City in the first round, but fell hard to Borden County in the second round.

Ira Bulldogs
Preseason #5, currently #10
Ira finished the season at 11-1, falling to White Deer in the second round of the playoffs.

Leakey Eagles
Preseason #6, currently #13
Leakey lost a close game to Nueces Canyon in district, giving them a tougher playoff road. Bi-district was another tough week for them- falling to Jonesboro 40-36.

Sterling City Eagles
Preseason #7, currently #8
The Eagles went 9-2 this season. Their first loss was to rival Garden City. The last was a bi-district loss to Rankin- a team the beat earlier in the year.

Borden County Coyotes
Preseason #8, currently #3
Borden County had an outstanding season. They defeated Balmorhea in round two, and finished the season at 12-1 after a heartbreaking loss to Rankin in the quarter-finals.

Blum Bobcats
Preseason #9, currently #7
The Bobcats started a little slowly this season, losing to McLean week one and Jonesboro week two. Since then, they haven’t lost a game. In the semi-finals, they got some retribution for the loss to Jonesboro. Now they have the chance to redeem themselves for the week one loss.

Garden City Bearkats
Preseason #10, currently #9
Garden City only had three loses this season. Two of those were to Balmorhea, the other to Rankin.

Rankin Red Devils
Preseason- outside looking in, currently #2
This was one of my biggest oversights this year. How did I not have them in my preseason top ten? I don’t have an answer for that, but I can say congratulations to the Red Devils. A two score semi-final loss to McLean is nothing to be ashamed of.

Spur Bulldogs
Preseason- Dark horse, currently #6
Having my dark horse team finish in the top ten helps me look like I somewhat know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, their season came to a brutal end- with a mercy rule loss to McLean.

Jonesboro Eagles
Preseason- overlooked, currently #12
Jonesboro may have finished outside the top ten, but a semi-final team still deserves a mention.

Division II

Strawn Greyhounds
Preseason #1, currently #8
The 9-5 Greyhounds struggled a little during the season, but that didn’t stop them. They fought through adversity and made it to the semi-finals.

Jayton Jaybirds
Preseason #2, currently #4
Jayton dominated nearly every opponent this season. Blackwell gave them their only loss- 62-54 in the quarter-finals.

Richland Springs Coyotes
Preseason #3, currently #1
The Coyotes have had some close games this year, but nobody has beaten them. They punched their ticket to AT&T with a 62-14 win over Strawn.

Oakwood Panthers
Preseason #4, currently #10
Oakwood struggled with injuries throughout the season, but still managed to make it to the quarter-finals.

Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboys
Preseason #5, currently #5
The Cowboys only lost two games this year- the first to Balmorhea, and the other to Jayton in the second round.

Motley County Matadors
Preseason #6, currently #2
In my preseason write-up I said I didn’t see anyone keeping the Matadors out of the semi-finals. They proved me right and then some. Nobody could keep them out of the finals.

Blackwell Hornets
Preseason #7, currently #3
Blackwell surprised me a little. I knew they would be good, but I didn’t realize how good. They were 13-0 going into the semi-finals- where Motley County gave them their only loss of the season.

Calvert Trojans
Preseason #8, currently #7
Calvert had a slow start to the season, losing three of their first six games. They pulled things together after that, and didn’t lose again until the second round of the playoffs- a 34-29 final against Richland Springs.

Blanket Tigers
Preseason #9, currently #13
After a couple of regular season losses, the Tigers got things under control and won six in a row before losing to Oakwood in round two.

Groom Tigers
Preseason #10, currently #6
In my preseason predictions, I said the Tigers “could easily be a quarter-final team”. I was correct about that, but Motley County ended Groom’s season there.

Gordon Longhorns
Preseason- overlooked, currently #9
The division II surprise team of the year, the Longhorns defeated rival Strawn in district play. Unfortunately, Strawn returned the favor in the third round.