A Note From Cowboy

This is normally an exciting time of year for me.  I haven’t missed an opening week game since 2010.  This year is different.  For those who didn’t already know, I have several health issues including a couple of autoimmune disorders.  My doctor is afraid that the rona will kill me because of my weak immune system.
The vaccine makes your body produce antibodies.  My body won’t do that, so I’ll be getting antibodies by IV.  Three hours with a needle in me- I’m not liking the idea, but I have to get cleared for games somehow! 
There is a small chance that I’ll be allowed to attend a game next week, but it will likely be week 3.  Until then, weekends won’t feel right. 
Please say a little prayer for me and send me final scores. sixmanianation@gmail.com or text them to (254) 659-7340